Asteroid Blues


Rare confrontation

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VS Nomads


This report is a part of three battles that I played this weekend in my city, Querétaro. I played three rounds, one against a new player (0uroboros, C8486) and two against two infinity veterans (Aikas, B6410 and JefePanda H0103).

In this three reports won't be any pictures as we were playing timed and I couldn't use the time to take pictures.

Here we are preparing for the game and in the awards, in took the second place in this one:

Second time against the veteran meteorhead

As 0uroboros left the field, the ship of the well known commander called Aikas was landing in the Pakngein Hangars and he demanded to give some action to their man, in order to warm them for the real struggle. Tarik answered this call.

The exercise started with the Nomads, whom took placed in the middle of the field with an Alguacil, brigadas and Tsyklon team taking the center of the field. McMurrough took our left flank, keeping dangerously close to our troopers. We are brave but we all know the fame of this great warrior. For our luck we had two excellent fighters in our side too, Tarik and Carmen Jones.

Carmen drove straight towards the big wolf, giving him the first wound. In the other side our Mukhtar started moving towards the middle of the field were they encountered Valeria Gromoz, who got shot after some bursts. Then Tarik started moving towards the center, trying to get in sight of their Tsyklon. As the great warrior encountered him, shot his spitfire with such aim that every man on the field knew that the remote wouldn't left a piece to repair (a four crit shot 13, 13, 1, 1) but somehow the bot launched the bullet in such way that one bullet ricochet into the four bullets, deflecting them (15 on dice, it had Marksmanship 2). One in a million. The super soldier repositioned himself after hitting successfully the bot and deactivating it.

The Nomads tried to recover from the hard hitting hammer of the Haqqislam by landing a Hellcat in our back, yet he couldn't hit succesfully our Mukhtar. Also a bandit tried to shot this same soldiers, getting hit by one of them. By this time we managed to activate one of the consoles and advance our Namurr to hit the repaired Tsyklon. McMurrough fought against Carmen and after some interchanged hits, brought down Carmen.

Leila moved with is Rafiq into sight of McMurrogh whom got shot by the bot. Then Leila shot their last hacker. In the other side of the field a Intruder appeared from the shadows and attacked Tarik and our medic. Fortunately, Tarik with his great senses landed and excellent shot into the nomad but our medic didn't had such luck.

Our last movements were give to our Namurr who was commissioned to find and neutralize their HVT. To do this, she dodged a Panzerfaust and saved several impacts of bullets. In the end, the RTF rose victorious and both our commanders, Aikas and VicBanjoMx shake hands with a smile.

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