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Tactical Trainning Exercises

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VS Haqqislam

Tactical Trainning Exercises

"Haqquislam and Nomads are doing some tactical exercises on the Novvy Bangkok installations searching any possible Shasvastii infiltration due the lack of efforts from the O-12, Aleph and Ariadna forces. It is a cooperative work to ensure the safety of the human sphere.
Joaquín Flores, representative of the NMF at a press conference on the Xaraks Batteries"

Battle Resume

Well this battle was for my last tournament, the mission was Unmasking.

Haqquislam was very reactive this time so I moved free for my turn, something I really don't like because I feel that I will fall in a trap or something and even I landed my Hellcat well, it failed to accomplish any killing. Mukthars hurt me a lot on my second turn adn my main team was taken off. Still I bring back online my Tsyklon I couldn't stop the Mukthar and Namur attacks on the last turn.

My Intruder failed horrible with the shots and got killed to on the first order he used xD (or maybe on the second I don't remember; my Gecko pilot moved into position to unmask one HVT and even I find the one at the very beginning, I couldn't kil him due to the position.

On the last turn, last two order the Namur killed my real HVT so I lost horrible 9-1.

I don't remember details exactly but my friend VicBanjoMX has a better report on the linked battle. I took all the photos so I send him some to his report.

Sorry for the poor report, next phase reports would be better... if I had more time xD

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