Asteroid Blues


EP4 - EndGame

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Lady Numiria
VS Combined Army

DISCLAIMER: due to actual Combined Army narrative extra-objective for phase 2, I had to protect three civilians this game, on top of usual objectives, hence why you'll see a bunch of them on table this time.

-start of comlog's history-

Here Lady Numiria, report OS2352+BRD, for Bureau Aegis views.

This is it, I can sense it, death is upon us on this damn rock. Will I ever see again the shining skyscrapers of NeoTerra? I don't know, but first let me tell you the full story...

After the previous embush in Xaraks, I was supposed to report at PanOceanian HQ on Novyy Bangkok about the poor dead engineers. As I am still injured slightly from the previous attack, I let our Sirius-bot do the work with his Quantronic localization system. Guess that wasn't very wise of me...

After the shock of not being at the right place, we tried to see if anyone was there to guide us (because everything around was wrote in some funny language), and my unit took position, including our new Varangian guard... Deputy Hyppolyta.

Then our famous Sirius Officer Chandra tried to scout her way in, but the people she came accross wasn't very friendly it seems...

Not taking well the insult, the Speculo killed our poor Chandra with a single take of her blade. After that, she decided to take the place for herself, waiting for more stealthy missions from her High-Command.

As soon as we heard of the first attack, the other flank catched our attention immediatly, as one of those alien-rat jumped over our perimeter and rushed to our infiltrated Gangbuster, taking him out in just one second.

But the Shasvastii were too well prepared this time, and after our two best men out in a sec, Agent Terezi and Officer Chandra, I catched a slight visual imperfection in front of me... AN ENNEMY TAG!!

Firing with all its flamethrowers (I guess aliens are not aware of our Concilium conventions) my quick reaction managed to get all of us three, Epsilon, Gamma and me, Lynx Officer, out of its scope.

But sneaky as it can be, it took out our E friend in the back, then went for me as I've been identified as an Important target by the ennemy probably.

Our lovely Gamma answered back to avenge us two, but only managed to make some light damage to it before the Sphinx fleed in the wild.

At this time, and after the two Aristos called in sick, the only hope for us was in the hands of our two new guys: a strange famous merc recruited by me along the way, and a Tohaa medic, apprentice of our good doctor.

And what a discovery... AIDA! AIDA SWANSON! SHE WAS THERE!! It took only one sec (and some sponsorship) for Knauf to shoot at her, unfortunately missing her by not so much.

Our second man... well thing(?) jumped in to embush Aïda from the other side, but as usual you can never trust Tohaas (again...), this one deciding suddendly to just die, tripping on a lonely rock, and screaming probably some non-sense I guess...

It was time for the Shasvatii to withdraw from here, but before they had to take out all witnesses of this massacre. They began with our Gamma, who tried to protect a fan... or not.

Then they took one by one all the (real) civilians present in this barracks, like a silly game of sheep-counting before their eternal sleep.

But at our surprise the doc suddendly jumped into the board, injuring himself in the process, so badly that I guess he began to hallucinate in his poor death.

It was enough time and distraction to let the last of our unit, a poor Kappa, to escort the local Warcor attached to Cyberius TaskForce to film this all. I just hope people will realize how much Shasvatii are a threat to all Human Sphere. Only history will tell if we won or lost on this damned rock.

As for myself... I still hope service grants ressurection, because I can't wait to see my homeworld again. HYPERPOWER RULES!

Lady Numiria out.

- end of comlog's history-

ENDNOTE: it was a very fun campaign to go through, and the first where I was that much involved. Playing and meeting new players was a real pleasure joking on Official forums, and I hope you too have fun, weither you just enjoyed our silly RPs, battling against your favorite foes or jut appreciating the whole show on Novyy bangkok. Good work Commanders! o7

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