Asteroid Blues


Nomads Brotherhood

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VS Nomads

Nomads at Gorge.
Who is better than Nomads? Other Nomads of course. We, a highly specialist team of Corregidors along with Senor Massacre were on a dull guard detail!
What a shame? Perhaps high hats thought our much needed rest period would be some use to them as well. Hah I dont think so.
Guarding some antennas in the middle of night was boring, till our motion detector started pinging.
Before Lupe Balboa ( cheer leader of our core team) could spell Khalesi, Senor Massacre was on the run to the activity center.
We stay put to cover our sector’s antenna.
A couple of shots heard than a Hellcat just landed on the main street which I didnot guard from the neighorboring alley.
Yea, she should be our Healer Hellcat but why she landed between us? Before I call her, she took out her shotgun and sent hotlead toward Senor Massacre!
An enemy among us! Traitore Nomads!!! I called. In the same time some cloaked figures flanked our right. I sent another team to that area.
I kept our two Hellcats as mobile reserver. Lupe and team was on alert to take down any offender who happens to show his/her head. A couple of them did and got what they deserved. Sniper duel started but ended short with casualties on both side. And I asked a Jaguar to come to cover some antennas.
My Hellcats dropped well but after a couple of shots, communication was dead. I know they must smashed something big a like TAG. I never know.
I ordered Lupe to disperse the team and run for the center antenna which she did. My man on the left flank who was guarding antenna was defeated.
I know this flank was lost and I moved back to other flank to hold whatever we have. I ran like hell (yes it was a part of officer training).
Night was over. So our mission

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