Asteroid Blues


One Last Time

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Yu Jing
Cdr. Philip von Kruse
Captain Jag Kara

With the crisis on Novvy Bangkok coming to an end, Yu Jing, feeling a need for a rematch, challenged Aleph for one more training exercise for good fun and experience and the hope of a final victory.

Notes: Sorry for the unpainted models. We also proxied a few models. Proxies are listed below. Yes, we still use that board with a grid. It belongs to my friend Jag Kara, so please bother him if you want.


Profile – Name – Model
Dakini Tacbot (HMG) – Unit-1240 – Dakini HMG
Dakini Tacbot (LGL) – Unit-1136 – Dakini Combi
Dakini Tacbot (Paramedic) – Unit-1207 – Dakini Pistol
Dakini Tacbot (Combi) – Unit-3222 – Dakin Combi
CSU (Rifle + Shotgun) – James Smith – Shukra Shotgun
Apsara (Jumper Z) – Mahi – Asura Hacker
Proxy Mk.2 Hacker – Min Lee – Never Revealed
Proxy Mk.5 (Forward Observer) – Min Lee – Brawler Hacker
Dart (E/M Grenades) – Dart – Dart/Sil 2 Template
Netrod – N/A – Netrod
Netrod – N/A – Netrod
Shakti (Lieutenant) – Shakti – Naga Sniper
Yadu (Drop Bears) – Tanvi – Yadu
Yadu (Forward Observer) – Daresh – Deva Combi
Lamedh Rebot – Unit-1262 – Siriusbot
Lamedh Rebot – Unit-1138 – Sil 3 Template
Warcor – Lucy Stevens – Wardriver
HVT – Thamyris – Thamyris

Invincible Army
Profile – Name – Model
Dāoyīng (Lieutenant L2 Hacker) – Zhu Li – Dāoyīng Hacker/Camo Marker 1
Tai Sheng (Mk12, Chain of Command) – Tai Sheng – Shàng Jí Spitfire
Zúyǒng (HMG) – Bo Chen – Hsien HMG
Zúyǒng (Tinbot, Haris) – Rai Chen – Zúyǒng Multi
Hǎidào (Sniper) – Taizong – Hǎidào Sniper
Zhanshi (Paramedic) – Zheng He – Zhanshi
Zhanshi – Mengde – Zhanshi
Zhanshi – Xixian – Zhanshi
Zhanshi – Xiaoyun – Zhanshi
Zhēnchá (Forward Observer, Boarding Shotgun) – Sun Zhen – Xi Zhuang/Camo Marker 3
Daoying (Hacker) – Zhulie – Dāoyīng Hacker/Camo Marker 2
Zhanshi Gōngchéng (Engineer) – Yuàn Bó – Mech-Engineer
HVT – Yuan Shu – Free-Lance Stringer

Apologies for the lack of narrative, as I have been rushing to make sure this report is published before the end of campaign. It will hopefully be added/updated later to put this report up to my usual standards.

The board as viewed from the Yu Jing side. One quick note being that as this is Engineering Deck which is on a ship, it is assumed that there is a "roof" if you will, resulting in all the buildings being on the same level and not allowing droptroops to drop in.
In the roll-off, Yu Jing won and chose to take first turn. Aleph selected to deploy on this side of the board.
Yu Jing deployment: On Yu Jing's right flank, the Yu Jing commander deploys their HVT behind the black shipping container with a Daoying (not the Daoying Lieutenant) behind the forefield-fence for the HVT's protection.
Yu Jing deployment continued: On Yu Jing's left flank, the actual Daoying Lieutenant is deployed prone as shown in the picture.
Yu Jing deployment continued: In the middle, Yu Jing deploys a Zuyong Haris with a Zuyong with Tinbot B deflector L2, a Zuyong HMG (behind the crates) and Tai Sheng (behind the Palpatine Lobbying Inc. "We'll make it legal" fence/sign) and lastly a Zhencha FO with Boarding Shotgun (Liaison Officer) behind the blue fence.
Yu Jing deployment continued: On the back line of the right flank, the Yu Jing commander deploys a fireteam consisting of a Haidao sniper, three regular Zhanshi's and a Zhanshi Paramedic. Behind the "Dakini" crate, a Zhanshi Gongcheng (Mechengineer) is also deployed to hopefully assist the heavy infantry should it become relevant.
Aleph deployment: The Aleph commander begins by deploying their HVT next to the Engineering Deck, behind a shipping container.
Aleph deployment continued: On Aleph's left flank, a Netrod is successfully deployed with Dart behind a force-field/fence.
Aleph deployment continued: Further back on Aleph's left flank behind Dart and the Netrod, an Apsara is deployed in cover behind a shipping container.
Aleph deployment continued: Inside the building next to the Apsara, a Dakini Core is deployed. An HMG Dakini is placed next to the stairs, a Paramedic in the center (Team Leader and Active Proxy of the Apsara), with the LGL Dakini guarding the back of the building and the regular Dakini protecting a window on the right side. Lastly a CSU (who took steroids to get +3 PH) is prone near the console, with a non-prone Warcor blinding people with camera flashes coming close to the door.
Aleph deployment continued: In the center of the board, Shakti, along with her Haris are deployed prone behind the Engineering Deck. Supporting them is a Lamedh Rebot behind a shipping container. Secretly to the left of the shipping container, a Proxy Mk. 2 Hacker is deployed. (Not pictured and never revealed, the sneaky bugger.) Lastly a Proxy Mk. 5 Forward Observer is deployed prone behind a pillar.
Aleph deployment continued: Just right of the Proxy Mk. 5 a second Lamedh Rebot is deployed, in cover, watching the objective across the way.
Aleph deployment continued: Finally, another Netrod is deployed on the far end of the right flank, next to the doorway on a building.
Yu Jing Turn 1: Seeing the left flank is left mostly uncovered, the Daoying Lieutenant rushes up to the console, heroically dodging flash pulses on the way. After a few attempts, she successfully secures the console and bravely hides behind it.
Yu Jing Turn 1 continued: In the center of the board, the Zuyong Haris pushes up to be ready to take the room, but holding off from entering, so as to prevent isolation. As they move up, Tai sheng runs to grab the other console on the Yu Jing side. While approaching it, he is harassed with Flash Pule fire from the Warcor, using its dumb camera to blind people. Tai Sheng eventually gets her with his Mk12, wounding her. Lastly, the Mech Engineer, noticing those Yadu's may try to E/Marat the Haris, is moved up to be ready to remove any status effects from them, hiding behind the pile of crates.
Aleph Turn 1: Noticing a chance to take the Engineering Deck, Shakti's team rushes into the room, tossing a pair of drop bears right next to the HMG Zuyong, before securing the Console. Shakti herself, circles around the Engineering room from the outside and kills the Daoying Lieutenant with a hack, before engaging the Zuyong HMG. Disregarding the mines, the Zuyong HMG responds with fire. The mines wound both Tai Sheng and the Tinbot Zuyong and sending the HMG Zuyong running for cover. Unable to get a good shot, Shakti rejoins her team.
Aleph Turn 1 continued: Trying to seize the opening left by Shakti's team, Dart rushes up and guns down poor Tai Sheng with her SMG. With him down for the count, she follows the task up by taking on the Zhencha, only to lose the battle and ultimately die.
Aleph Turn 1 continued: After murdering the Daoying Lieutenant, the entire left flank of the Yu Jing forces is dismantled. The Proxy Mk. 5 grabs the console near it and rushes past the dead Daoying.
Aleph Turn 1 continued: The Proxy Mk. 5 now proceeds to ruthlessly gun down the Mech Engineer and Tinbot Zuyong, and then on to try to kill the HMG Zuyong, but the Zuyong shrugs it off like a beast.
Yu Jing Turn 2: Now in Loss of Lieutenant, the Yu Jing commander converts all the Zhanshi orders to regular orders. Then trying to put the Aleph forces into retreat and possibly prevent Aleph from holding three consoles, the Zhencha flanks Shakti and her team with its shotgun, only to be on the receiving end of a rude E/Marat to the face and fail in its task.
Yu Jing Turn 2 continued: Desperate, the Daoying Hacker on the right flank, tries to rush the Engineering deck, only to also be betrayed by the dice gods and fail in killing the team as well as getting hit by an E/Marat. (Note, we initially forgot the Daoying was medium infantry and placed the IMM-1 marker, but removed it after the picture.) Turn complete, the Yu Jing Commander names the Zuyong HMG lieutenant, hoping to use the extra orders to take the Engineering Deck.
Aleph Turn 2: Aleph moves the Dakini HMG forward and mercilessly guns down both the poor Daoying and the unfortunate Zhencha.
Aleph Turn 2 continued: With the path cleared, the CSU captures the console it is next it. Next the Dakini Paramedic attempts to help the Warcor, but ultimately kills her instead. The team returns to their initial locations after this.
Aleph Turn 2 continued: Shakti taking advantage of the moment like an opportunistic weasel, Data Scans the Zuyong HMG. The Proxy Mk. 5, still in position, ruthlessly guns down the Zuyong HMG and Forward Observes the downed Tai Sheng.
Aleph thus wins the game 10-0 with the classified objectives in the picture completed. One day Jag Kara... One day I will have muh vengeance!

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