Asteroid Blues


Speculo-Yuan-Yuan ruined it all

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Combined Army
VS Haqqislam

Prelude to a bitter defeat

The task was clear: in the name of the EI's universal peacekeeping mission, we should infiltrate Bob's sports bar with our loyal Shasvastii troops. The sneeky Speculo killer should disguise itself as Fat Yuan Yuan and just drink a few beers. A safe plan. We thought.

A simple task poorly executed

Unfortunately, as the awkward Fusilier Angus brought his Ghulam pals another round of shots, he bumped into our agent. The Speculo killer drawed his nanopulser - and the pub district became a battlefield with our Shasvastii comrades revealing themselves. (Mission: Firefight as in phase 1)

The table setup (simplified).

what was meant to be a battle

I was second. My plan: Fielding only two Imetrons and loads of camo-tokens to avoid Melchior scoring points. Unlukyly, my Speculo Killer, who was supposed to wreck his Ghulam-Odalisque-Fireteam, failed its infiltration roll and dispersed of the table.

Melchior was first: He landed three real Yuan Yuans who destroyed one AP-mine and killing two Imetrons. His buffed HMG-Remote discoverd nearly every other camo marker, killing my Liberto, my Speculo killer and the Shrouded Killer Hacker.

So in my first turn i startet in Loss of Lieutenant with only one irregular order (and two AD troopers) left.

The moment when you realize that you might have preferred to spend the afternoon with your family.

time to turn the tide

My impetious fake Yuan Yuan failed his AD-roll and dispersed into nowhere, dying in ARO fire.

Plan B: I landed my loyal spitfire wielding Fraacta next to his Core-Fireteam. With my only order, which i transformed into a regular order spending a command token, i attacked two lonly Ghulams. Of course i missed (but killed one Ghulam Doctor) and the Fraacta was wounded (though one Ghulam died because of the dangerous terrain rule).

Enemy's second turn: He finishes off my Fraacta. But his Shihab remote is hit by dangerous terrain while trying to assault my lone shrouded survivor - and is finaly unconscious. But puny Angus and a Yuan Yuan can accomplish both of his classifieds (FO and Coup de Grace) against my unconscious Yuan Yuan. Again it's his fault.

My second turn - again only one regular order: Ko Dali lands through a roof hatch in the building where the enemy Lieutnant is believed to be - and fails in the FtF-roll. She is killed.

Enemys third turn: Melchiors scores objective points activating panoplies - and tries to kill my last Shrouded (loosing one of his Alguacils).

My third turn. Guess what: One regular order. The Shrouded shoots Angus (revenge at last!), but fails activating a panoply.

The cruel truth

Melchior killed my Lieutnant (2 points), killed more army points (3 points), acquired more weapons from the panoplies (1 point), killed my Data Tracker (1 point) and accomplished two classifieds (2 points).

I killed more Specialist troops: a ghulam doctor an Angus FO (1 point). So i lost 9:1.

Worst game ever.

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