Asteroid Blues


Hunting Echoes in our Hangar

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VS Combined Army

It was a regular day in this troubled times in Novy Bangkok, an ordinary QK Patrol is beating downtime in the Traffic Control Module at Pakgn Nbis while their glorious ramah brothers redeploy back after searching for shasvasti in Xaraxs batteries....

This guy looked strange and why is the mask on his head and his head in his hands...
Biometric visors bleep as the speculo fails his infiltration roll and a hell of a firefight breaks loose...

This was Game 2 of our Asteroid blues Campaign Escalation Event on sunday. We played firefight at the hangar.

All I saw were Camo markers and two Imetrons.... Luckyly the Speculo failed his infiltration roll.

My Yuan Yuan disposed an imetron and a libertos mine (yuan yuan didn't survive, libertos dodged).
A second one kills another imetron clipping another camomarker with his chainrifle (Mine). My Alguacil hacker puts supportware on the Shihab via Fanous repeater.

The Pumped Shihab and an odalisque go ahead to discover camo markers. Discovering an ambush marker on a roof and a shrouded hacker. Then the Shihab killed some things including the shrouded.

Now the yuan was able to attack the Mentor giving his life on the way.

As Bartholmae was in loss of lieutenant starting his first turn there was not much to do for him. He brought the fracta and traitor Fat Yuan Yuan. The Fractaa killed a ghulam due treacherous terrain while loosing a wound.
In my turn I lost the shihab to the hull breach but Yuan yuan #3 (who found a rifle ) and Angus did both classifieds on the Fat Speculo Yuan Yuan. Hilarious...

Angus doing Telemetry Confirming a speculo, then my yuan yuan revenges his people with a coup de grace
Searching through the False Yuan Yuan we were able to produce this intel about shassworth co. HHC was informed per direct uplink even before the Firefight ended. Surprise was big as we were ordered to wipe our recordings, then leave the data in the local dropbox Tr4shC4N 11. It was quite strange that the cleaning squad sighted slightly afterwards wore oldschool terran firefighter helmets chanting away 112.

After Ko Dali Killed some guys but not my lieutenant, an alguacil died assaulting the last shrouded, ghulams killed Ko Dali, yuan yuan loots panoply (thanks for reminding me bartholmae).
Then next turn the shrouded killed Angus and tried to break even on Panoplies but failed one roll. Bartholmae had killed more Specialists I had the rest so 9-1 for me.

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