Asteroid Blues


Xaraks Blossom

VS Ariadna

Turn 1 JSA

As always Yojimbo starts the show with flashy motorbike and smoke shenanigans, nobody shoots as all kazaks are hugging the walls or laying in dirt – asteroid dirt. Oniwaban reveals itself walking, beside camo token which later reveals itself as pile of rocks shaped in human form. Oni sneaks on kazak fireteam, which are standing in neat line waiting for their doom. On shot of nanopulser later we have 3 unconscious line kazaks and one unconscious oni. Fair trade. Hacker puts Assisted fire on Ruishi. Ruishi advances a bit forth and enters into suprresive. Ruishi later will become the doom of kazaks, as all advenced technology becomes the doom of them.

Turn 1 TAK

All the impetousness of the TAK moves forward: 4 irmandihos and one dog face. Lots of smoke. Like MSV2 cares. Everybody shuffles around. One irmandiho runs for the console and succesfully (in second attempt pushes the button). Dog face is standing in the open waiting to be shot, he really wanted to transform. Spetznas tries to shoot down keisotsu ML, but evaporates in an explosion. Core link team (vet kazak and forwar observer 0-12 liaison cookie monster line kazak moves up and vet kazak screams something illegible at enemy HVT so scoring the classified Follow up.

Turn 2 JSA

Yojimbo eager for action, gets off his bike smokes the irmandiho and slices him to pieces. The goes on to hunt down liason officer, kills her, but gets shot off the table by Strelok SMG. Enter the ruishi. Hacker puts assited fire on ruishi once more(not that i used it in the first turn) and one by one begins hunting irmandihos. It was created for hunting smugglers. 2 dead irmandihos and one Mcmannus later (he tried to chaincolt the ruishi, but 20 on the armor is 20 on the armor) Kitsune enters the stage, just passes wip and scores classified Net-Undermine. She goes on and shoots dog warrior in the back, he transforms and turns around looking who shot him and who he can bash, unluckilly for him, now his back is looking at ruishi, and 4 shots later, Battery field has a new fur rug for decoration.

Turn 2 TAK

Last smuggler survivor remembers that he has booty, and updates his armor with additional plates and in vain tries 2 times to make scrap metal of the ruishi which sucesfully dodges and passes armor saves. Veteran Kazak sees that there is no time for games so brings up his hmg, and makes scrap metal of the ruishi. Plushenko climbs down from his balcony, and moves closer to the cente of the table, entering suppresive fire. Strelok does the same, also bringing along his wolf.

Turn 3 JSA

Link team of keisotsu with both datatracker and liason officer moves up to the center of the table. Along the kempeitai SMR shoots down Strelok (which leaves wolf chasing his tale) and Irmandiho. Due to bad maneuvering Plushenko shoots down Neko (who is datatracker), with T2 you only need one shot to down the HI, but later is shocked of the table by Kempeitai SMR. In a glorious run Keisotsu paramedic run towards Neko and both of them succeed and Neko is standing tall and hugging central objective. Keisotsu Liason officer also hugs the objective like there is no tommorow.

Turn 3 TAK

There is not much left to do. So once again Veteran Kazak takes matters in his own hands, and shoots down the liason officer and hugs nearby communication antenna. And in the end antipode assault pack, which whole game was just LOF obstruction moves up to central objective and in last effort tries to kill Neko, but one of the pack gets killed in return.

6-3 Victory goes for JSA.

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