Asteroid Blues


Controlling the comunication's center

VS Nomads

Commander’s Journal
Location: Cosmika HQ
Date 2192
We fought, we lost, we keept trying, we never give up.
In this case we were incursionatting in the Comsika HQ, the previous battles teach us that we can never trust in what we can see, but we always can trust in our instincts.
In the first look out in the comms center of Cosmika HQ we detected 2 sin eaters protecting it, but with the supportware of our Deva they can not even think in face our Dakini fire team, in the first burts of their HMGs take the first one down, in a silent move we take the second one down too, an easy shot when you are enough confident in the group you are taking command.
Our liassom officer take down too the designated target in a burst of his twin SMG, not a difficult target.
An infiltrated naga suprised shot a morlock who start to dodge with smoke grenades, covered with the smoke we take advantage and the garuda tacbot landed without problems, going out of the smoke cover our tacbot take down a great part of the moiras fire team, surprisly they was not abble to do anithing against us.
In their effort to face us, one of the moiras healed the entire fireteam (what a bastard!), but that was not enough to face our well positioned garuda who take care of they again.
with almost the entire army down and their lieuteant dead we easyly take controlof all the antenassecuring the area.
We cannot stop the fight against the combined army and all their allies, the nomads are hidding something, in sure of that!!!
VIctor Bx
Shukra Consultant of the OSS

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