Asteroid Blues


Ambush in the mazes

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VS Combined Army
Glaive Commander

Commander’s Journal
Location: The Maze
Date: 2192
First day in Novvy Bangkok, the gallery maze is a place where you don’t know what you’re going to find, exploring the area we found a place to stablish the base, a nice place where all the flanks were covered, but that was not true, in a miss play of the fortunes, or just the excess of confidence in that nothing can stop our deploy in the area were surprised by an unknown, a lost civilian trapped in the maze, something tell us that that was not normal but none of our efforts found something wrong with her.
In her “memory lapse” looking for the exit one of the proxys was attacked by her in a lonely place, the MK1 try to stop the horrible speculo killer but didn’t make it, we found the unfuctional body but can’t find the responsable of that, after that a group if dakinis was dissabled, no one response for that either, in a lucky strike our CSU discovered the true face of the “lost civilian” and was abble to stop the speculo.
But that was not all, after that an ambush await us leaded by Sheshkin, it was glorious and deadly face her, followed by a group if knox she came and destroyed some of our antenas.
We fought, we take them down either a granade launcher strikes over and over but the efforts wasn’t enough to stop the advance, in the dark we found a pair of Q-drone that cut our way to reagroup, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t try it, in all that chaos, shooting and explosions I make my way out to take an antena down and stop part of the shasvastii comunications, we will fight again, but the next time we are going to be more prepared.
Victor Bx
Shukra Consultant of the OSS

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