Asteroid Blues


Pushing the Dragon (Narrative 11)

VS Yu Jing
Nomads like Haqqislam aesthetics...
Deployment Sides. The sniper tower was...scary.
Ooooh a doctor classified? Don't mind if I do...
Unit 29 Roster

MISSION: Frontline
Final Score: 5-1 OP : 238 Points - 75 points

The transport landed heavily on the docking pad below the giant, faded, red and gold structure. The Bank of Tunguska emblem plastered on the side, huge for no one but deep space to see. It was an imposing structure that loomed over Unit 29 as they exited the transport with their gear. A Black Sun Analyst met them on the walkway leading from the landing pad, a slight smile on his mouth as his coat whipped around from the dieing exhaust of the engines as they wound down.

Walking forward, he offered his hand, “Major Maih Aafah, or rather Ra’id as your military calls it?”

Taking his hand, Aafah shook it, “I understand both, please whichever suits you best.”

Smiling, the man gestured for them to follow him, “Come Ra’id Aafah, and I can show your men to their place. My name is Analyst Harcourt. Pleased to meet you.”

As they walked into the large structure, he continued, “Nomad command decided to go fight the AI demons in their own territory. As such our security is lacking. We requested units to supplement our private forces here as it seems many in the sphere are interested in our little bank.”

“No matter the theater, or location. Nomads are always the ones to be kicked.” Aafah said, providing additional context.

The man simply turned and gave an understanding chuckle as he motioned for them all into a large room. It was obviously once a conference room, but the chairs and tables were removed, and replaced with ammunition crates and cots.

“Please Ra’id. Make yourself at home, I am su-” the Analyst was cut off by claxtons wailing, “Well perhaps you can make yourself comfortable later. Unfortunately it appears you are being welcomed. Nomad Command will update you with orders and locations. Good luck.”

No sooner had he turned to leave than Aafahs heads up display pinged with a location and objectives. Yu Jing attack. Push them back. Simple and to the point. “Unit 29, drop your gear and let’s move.
As they arrived at the habitation module, Unit 29 kept close together with Pixie and Leila running off into the flanks. The module was bright and airy with multicolored planters and a central square with a single large tree, perhaps from Paradiso with its vibrant coloring. The area was almost completely deserted as they arrived, the claxtons only beginning to quiet down.

“Ra’id, I am picking up Invincible Army signatures, and see one Haidao on over watch.” Leila came over the comms.

“Understood, we need to eliminate that overwatch unit before we can move forward, Toma, you know what to do.”

“Alright, Qadim, and Tilki, I need you on this one. Let's move out.” Toma acknowledged.

The five moved forward, Tilki and Qadim crawling along a causeway to stay out of sight of the armored sniper. Moving through the building, Fahim peaked out only for bullets to burst around the doorway. Ducking back quickly, Fahim cursed.

“They have a guardian remote as well. I need to get closer though I think we can sneak out of its sight along the wall of this structure.”

Nodding, the three lined up at the door way, Fahim peaking out, watching the remote scan the area. Something caught its attention suddenly and it turned. Wasting no time the three Khawarij bolted from the door, and rolled to safety. Qadim and Tilki continued crawling up. Edging along the building in front of the remote, a CHAIYI remote suddenly saw him and the flash pulse forced Fahims off. Taking sight again, the khawarij ducked out and sent off a burst of fire, his rounds finding their mark. With the way clear, the team moved up, and Fahim got the HUSONG in his sights. Another quick and accurate burst brought the piece down. Moving to the other side of the building, he saw the Haidao through the leaves and foliage of a giant, multicolored plant. The first burst found home, its heavy armor blocking most, but not all of the shots. The second burst put down the sniper.

On the right flank, Leila began moving up as the Khawarij consolidated their position. Tilki and Qadim rejoined the rest of the unit as they moved into overwatch positions on a two story building. Leila and Ein sprinted through the square, taking up positions forward of their lines. Coming around a corner, Ein beeped curiously. The remotes sensors at first picked up a distortion, but on closer examination nothing appeared.

Surprise flash pulse!
Fahim scoring hit on hit.
The man is a death machine.
Good bye, Ein.

The remote was so busy scanning the distortion, it didn't notice the Zuyong with hmg poke out, and put several rounds into it. With metal pangs and pops, the bullets shore through it. Moving back around the building, the Zuyong got line of fire to Qadim and his Heavy Rocket Launcher, the exchange was brief as a round from the HMG found purchase in the Khawarij’s chest. The Yu Jing infantry then tried to sneak through the plants to catch the Shihab by surprise, but the remotes targeting system was dialed in and in one burst, the remote put down the Zuyong. Tai Sheng then stepped up and with one well practiced shot, put a round right through the remotes optical sensors.

Tai Sheng led the other Zuyong along the building the Khawarij had regrouped within, to try and breach it, but Tilki was ready. The sniper rifle’s loud report and distant crunch against armored plate saw Tai Sheng collapse against the wall, clutching her wounds and cursing in mandarin. Inside the structure, Toma motioned for the team to move out the courtyard side door. Khadim, the doctor, leading the way, they exited the structure. Moving along its perimeter, Khadim stopped as he came around a corner, his shotgun aimed at a sickly citizens.

Qadim tried...
The Zuyong continue their rampage!
...or they don't...TR bot out shot Zuyong with a 3 and 4. Zuyong failed both saves...
The Emprah was not with them.
Tai Shen moves up to do the work herself.
Sniper Tilki is not having any of it.

“Mossa’id one moment.” He said as he fished out a serum from his bag. Bending down, he quickly gave the citizen a small dose of anti-viral, and bacterial.

The woman stopped suddenly, and shoved some stamped papers in his hands, and smiled up, saying in Arabic, “Take this to high command, it is classified.”

As Khadim put the syringe and papers away, the citizen went back to its act. Standing up, Khadim gave the all clear to his team, and wiped the look of confusion off his face as he leaped over the informant onto the building behind them. Toma moved up to the ladder onto the building, and pumped several shotgun rounds down onto the Yu Jing heavy soldier, then moving over to the other side, he caught Tai Shen in the side. Withdrawing, back to the two story structure they took cover out of sight while Khadim worked on Qadim and got him back into fighting shape. Grabbing his launcher, the Khawarij stood back up on his post, covering the square. Pixie snuck behind a building, and with a quick flourish was covered in an image of a Zhanshi, the hacking device adding additional sparkling effects per her customized program.

Sneaky Pixie...
Hunting Zuyong.
Putting down Tai Shen.
Pulling back at the end of the turn.

At this time, Yu Jing signatures were waning. A yaozao could barely be seen as it darted out, sneaking its way to the Zuyong with HMG. With a quick injection of adrenaline, and medication to seal the wounds, the Zuyong rolled over, and crawled into the shadow of a structure, keeping himself safe from Qadim and his rocket launcher.

Seeing a Zhanshi laying on a roof across the courtyard, Qadim leapt up, his rocket launcher making a loud WOOSH! The explosive impacted solidly into the line trooper, burning her to nothing. Leila grabbed the ladder near her, and ascended to the roof to hunt down another Zhanshi. She brought her rifle up barely in time for the Zhanshi prone on the bridge in front and to be blind sided by a Zuyong she thought was dead, firing an HMG at her.

“Toma! There's still a Zuyong left!” she yelled angrily into her comm-link.

“Yea, we see, were on our way to deal with it. Hang tight.” Toma replied as the Khawarij moved out, leaping down onto a bridge below them and running forward.

The Khawarij officer stopped himself on the buildings bulwark, and leaned over with his shotgun ready. BLAM! BLAM! The rounds crashed into the Zuyong from above as it tried to turn in time. The Yu Jing soldier did not have time as he crumpled to the ground. From across the courtyard, he gave a thumbs up to Leila, taking cover by the ladder. She stood up and deftly put down the Zhanshi holding the bridge before sliding back off the ladder. Hitting the ground, a Zhanshi officer came around the corner.

Leila blinked in surprise, which was all the time she had. The combi rifle slugs hit her in the chest knocking her to the ground, bleeding out. This was to be the final farewell of the Yu Jing attack force though as they immediately began withdrawing.

“Push forward and regroup. The field is ours for now.” Aafah ordered, watching the Yu Jing markers disappear from her sensors areas.

Super jump is truly a wonderful skill...
I did not see you there!
Death to the final Zuyong!
Lets try this again...
Hang on...where did you-BLERGH!
Interesting find...

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