Asteroid Blues


In Which Penthesilea Actually Walks Somewhere

VS Yu Jing

'In position,' Atalanta snapped into Maya, Spotbot and Yudbot crowding into the cramped space behind her.

'Same. Watching our backs,' Penthesilea said, idly revving her motorcycle. 'But, uh. You sure you should be right up there..?'

'Why not?' Achilles responded, rolling his shoulders as he strode along the wide-open balcony. 'What's gonna happen, huh?'


I think I need to rethink my deployment strategies. Because a lot can happen, Achilles. A lot can happen.

Team shot! What do I need specialists for, anyway?
Deployment, mostly! On the right: A bad idea.

Problems for me started early. A Zencha Recon person moved up. Atalanta wasted her shot on making a Discover roll, and Achilles, way out in the open, got himself shot. Continued movement and continued AROs just led to him dancing around bullets.

It wasn't all bad, mind. Can you see Tai Sheng here? Atalanta could!

All was not lost, though! Atalanta is, apparently, Space John Wick, because she popped that Lu Jing with a crit from her pistol before the bits of her attendant Yudbot had even finished hitting the ground.

Then a sniper popped up and shot Achilles down; LoL.

My turn was brief - Penthesilea drove forward, shooting merrily as she went to little effect, and a Yudbot got Achilles back on his feet. He was then shot again at the start of RazorsEdge's turn. RazorsEdge then sent a paramedic to get Tai Sheng back up, a decision he would later regret.

See, we were playing TACOS, and on my turn, I drew the objective card 'kill someone in Close Combat.' Achilles was down, sure, but Penny's decent enough in a fistfight, right? There was only one obstacle.

This obstacle, right here. And so, the first of two very unusual things happened with Penthesilea - I made her get up and walk. Goodnight, Tai Sheng. And immediately following that, she actually survived a bunch of people shooting at her! With a terrible objective spread and both of our forces a little knackered, the game ended in a draw.

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