Asteroid Blues


So long, suckers! I rev up my motorbike and create a huge cloud of smoke...

VS Yu Jing

... When the cloud dissipates, I'm lying completely dead on the pavement. - wint

Though that might as well have been attributed to Penthesilea. Let's get some competent professionals in here, Shakti said. Someone who won't wander away from objectives to get in fistfights, Shakti said. Someone programmed to be level-headed and reasonable, Shakti said.

At least Atalanta was on the ball.

The general setup.
She was hiding in the above photo, but Atalanta had a fine view of about half the board.
With Hypatia ready to back her up, Penthesilea was READY! TO! ROLL! IMPETUOOOOOUS OOOOOOOOORDER!
Every Aleph player knows exactly what happened next. Bonus: Cat.

So with Penny dead on the first order of the first turn - as is normal - I looked toward scoring some actual cards, TACOS-style. After a little board-clearing by Atalanta, Hypatia the sophotect and Shakti the deva functionary ducked forward under cover, nabbing the two closer objective points for two quick points.

The reactive turn didn't go so hot for me. Objectives were drawn that let the -other- side scoot up under cover and claim them unopposed. Following that, the Zhuyong that Atalanta had been bouncing bullets off the armour of shot her in the face! -Rude.-

That jerk in the middle. Atalanta spent an order on Discovering the camo-marker. Turned out to be a mine, which aren't very snipable at all.
Fortunately, Atalanta's mortal inconvenience was quickly overcome thanks to a handy Yudbot. Is this how Haqqislam feels all the time..?

Things then turned into a sort of odd stalemate. Their lieutenant tagged the console for a point, and the objective cards were otherwise largely undoable - with the exception of 'Kill The Lieutenant.' My lieutenant, Shakti, was separated from everything by a big set of stairs and catwalks. Their lieutenant was hidden from Atalanta. Hypatia was right there, but I had a sinking feeling that if I sent her in she'd live up to her name.

Finally, the tension was broken by their lieutenant. Finally, their lieutenant was broken by Atalanta.
As it is the most important part of the report, here is more detail on the cat visible in the picture of Penthesilea dying.

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  • Nimrod says:

    Gotta love painted minis! Cat’s are great too, and they aren’t against the Concillium Convention…yet!

  • Mike_the_scrivener says:

    Looks good! like the paint too

    ::::::: Please be advised that your use of illegal weapons is in direct violation of the Concillium Convention and has been logged in official O-12 reports :::::::

  • WiseKensai says:

    Oh man, the old “this is totally not a mine, you should discover it” trick! I love that trick!

    Thanks for your report!


  • thepoorman says:

    Grania is unmoved by the death of Penthesilea. Grania cares not for who lives or who dies.