Asteroid Blues


Starving for Supplies!

Yu Jing
VS Nomads

First turn for Yujing’s Invincibles,
On the center, The Hactao takes care of the Reactive Grenzer sniper. The Zhanshi Core fireteam positions inside the big building on the left. The Haidao covering a long corridor from the second floor, The Pango on the front with it’s repeater an It’s Light shotgun if anyone dares to come close, the shang-ji as second line of defense to the door and the zhanshi paramedic takes the first supply box and falls back. On the left side, Uhahu throws a pitcher to slow down the kirza borak on the upcoming turn

Tunguska First Turn
Mary problems advances, but she ends up dead at the hands of the Haidao. One Heckler reaches the leftside building and lays down a fastpanda. The interventor then places a White noise cloud. On the Right side of the table, the kirza+hollow advances and tries to take out the haidao. But instead the kirza receives 1 wound and ends up isolated.

Yujing second turn.
The pango takes out the fastpanda and the heckler. The zencha takes out of comision the kirza from the back, then performs a datascan, takes the second supply box and falls back

Tunguska Second turn
Perseus manages to engage the zencha in melee in an attempt to take his box. But the zencha holds up. The hollow changes position to defend the central supply box.

Tunguska third turn
Perseus finishes up the work, kills the zencha and then falls back killing uhahu in the process.

Yujing third turn
Uhahu makes a run for it, manages to take out the hollow and takes the box. But ends up exposed

Uhahu makes a run for it

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