Asteroid Blues


Shooting at the Bar

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Yu Jing

A struggle arround the harris bar for taking Mr Daixo into interrogation has taken place yesterday night. This is how the events unfold.

Iteligence reports presumably allocate Mr. Daixo, the ex-yanjing officer and ikari's fixer, inside the Harry's Bar for a small timeframe during that night. Even if he's a traitor or a double agent, The state-empire is desperately in need of Mr. Daixo's intel to unveil the shasvastii plans inside the asteroid. Repots also stated that an assault squad searching for the ex-yanjing officer was deployed by aleph. So, the state-empire deployed it's own squadron with orders to capture Mr. Daixo... But more importantly, with due to the knowledge off yujing's affairs on it's past, the priority orders were to make sure that Aleph doesn't get it's hands over him.

When the guilang infiltrators an the zencha reached the bar, they turned the place upside down. But Mr. Daixo had already scaped... Or perhaps the informs where false andhe never was there in the first place.

On a given moment during the search, an squad of the ASS entered the security perimeter. In order to slow down aleph on the race to find Mr. Daixo the order was given to beggin the offensive.

The action was a mess up. Even if wildbill was dealt with, the husong was dealt without much effort. the Mowang died from an impact of a light rocket launcher, the layed mines were neutralized without much effort. The ajax fireteam advanced and took out if commision the ninja and a guilang in supeessive fire. It's advance was slowed down a little when makaon failed to patch up ajax and he died. But makaon and a mirmidon where enough to take out the daoying.

The remaining zencha took 2 torakites out, the liuxing dropped down and took out makaon and the e mirmidon

Then on a lasting effort, the zencha advanced in the open, taking out scilla and diying at the gates of confronting aleph's lieutenant

The action resulted on a tight loss, with alep killing yujing's lieutenant but taking more losses in the process

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