Asteroid Blues


Perimetral breach at the ammunition module!

VS Yu Jing

Hello comrades!
We have a new campaign right here in front of us once more, and it will be an honor to make one of the first reports this time.

We where playing several matches at the same day of the start of the campaign but due the late greenlight this match was the only one late enough to count.
We played the ITS11 supplies because we had no time to read the new campaign missions properly.

Yu jing troops have been detected breaching the perimeter of the ammunition depot of our beloved Xaraks Battery! the intentions of the intruders are unknown, this could be a well planed attempt to sabotage the installation or just a lost team during patrol of the maze like corridors of this asteroid.
In any case, this infiltration will be not tolerated and needs to be managed with severe consequences for the intruders.

The Invincible army has the initiative but the Cossacks manage to secure a line of fire to the rui shi with a team of Frontovik snipers.

Several Invincible soldiers advance with the support of Tai Sheng and two remotes, one of them is equipped with a guided missile launcher.
They try to manipulate a supply depot successfully.

But then they realize something is wrong, It's an ambush! the invincible soldiers are to close to the enemy lines and need to commit to the engagement.
A hac tao emerges from the shadows to eliminate the snipers but the Frontoviks with visors manage to score two armour piercing hits and leave the heavy infantry unconscious.

As the termo optical support falls down the Invincible soldiers increase the pressure killing the two Frontoviks.

The Yu Jing team was pushing hard, committed to deal with the Cossack security team and get the hell out before more defenders get alerted but it was too late, the trap has been triggered and now they are going to feel the painful consequences.

With a deafening noise an engine starts running and a Ratnik with twin molotoks appears from a corner just with line of sight to the shotgun remote, the weakest part of the link team in that range band.

The AP ammunition goes through the remote armour like a hot knife through butter, and the cases rain on the depots floor.

Once the link team is weakened a camo marker flanks them and starts eliminating their members one by one, Vassily Plushenko was using his T2 marksman rifle with impressive efficiency.

At this point the Yu Jing troops retreat and his commander concedes the match.
This time we got them by surprise, but I'm sure we will see them again soon, and the Invincible Army will not fall in the same trap twice.

This is just the beginning.

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