Asteroid Blues


Brutal Decapitation

VS Haqqislam

I apologize up front. We didn’t take a single picture yesterday and I don’t want to use random pictures to be misleading. That said, Decapitation is a brutal game.

My opponent was playing Qapu Khalqi, while I was playing Foreign Company. We began with our lieutenant rolls and my opponent won the roll. He chose to take first turn. In Decapitation, it can really make a difference.

I started by trying to cover some firing lanes with the best AROs I could, while trying to maintain some cover for my units I didn’t want dead in the first turn… It didn’t work out that way. My opponent started with a sniper shooting at my main defense point, a Bolt with missile launcher attached to the A-Team. I was actually on a better roll than my opponent (two dice on 16s vs. two dice on 15s), but it didn’t matter. My opponent won the face to face and killed off the missile launcher. From there, they were able to march their Janissary fireteam up the board and wipe out my Kriza… who also happened to be my lieutenant.

In my turn, I used what was left of the A-Team to try to answer the Janissary threat. Massacre popped smoke along the way to get in close… and then I made the most crucial of mistakes I could possibly make. Instead of using Laxmee to hack everyone into oblivion and get rid of the Janissaries the easy way, I tried the more direct shotgun to the face. Of course, I end up only knocking one Janissary unconscious and doing a wound to another before having to pass the turn.

My opponent’s second turn clears out the A-Team completely, while picking up the unconscious Janissary. Then, the full fireteam moved into a better position and killed Avicenna. All I had left was Wild Bill and his pair of KTS that formed a haris, and a Fugazi. To respond, I try again to make a dent on the Janissary team but it just results in a dead Wild Bill.

My opponent spends his final turn ignoring the remnants of my forces to finish of the HVT. At that point, we called it because I wasn’t going to be able to get to his HVT and he’d killed multiple lieutenants, while I’d killed none.

This was the first of three games we would play on the day.

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  • Father Knight Luisjoey says:


    Father Knight Luisjoey of Santiago de Leon

  • masterg8er says:

    Thanks Cthulhu363!

    We actually played 3 three games and I won two of them, but I ran out of time to report the other two… all well!

  • masterg8er says:

    Appreciate it GoGo Faehrlich. Yeah, I guess I’ll start giving 1 star reports to all the Yu Jing games… (not really… I won’t be as low as they)

    Some people just suck at being people.

  • Cthulhu363 says:

    You’ll get’em next time.

  • GoGo Faehrlich says:

    Come on guys…one star definitely is not fair to this. This report doesn’t even score any points…its a loss!