Asteroid Blues


Defend the perimeter!

VS Combined Army

So, another match against Shas, this time at the Japanese Bottom.
Unlike the other match, this time I decide for a tactical approach, 'cause this mission is not simple, I decide to go first just to put some pression.

Turn 1 :

Well, my first logical choice is the Draal. Today I've the symbiomate so I hope my strength makes the difference. I activate the nearest console but the decoy i chose is not the designated one. I move again after deploying a dazer, after some move I see another console, this time I discover the right target and deploy another dazer. I spend my last orders to hide the Draal and to advance with Surda.
Shas turn is similar to mine, except for the taiga that moves and after some orders tries to eliminate my Draal. I dodge the direct template. after the enemy engaes me, I lose the pokemon but the taiga is unconscious. Sheskin and its two nox move on the battlefield, after some orders they destroy one of my dazer and after taking the console, one of my decoy is discovered but is not the designated. With only a pair of orders, the fireteam, falls back.

Turn 2 :

I've time to kill the designated target with Neema, but now it's time to eliminate some enemy models. I use the tricore to kill the enemy smart missile drone, one order is enough, after my Draal moves again, I want to elimnate at least one fireteam model to eliminate the B+1. After some move I see a nox para that dies, I'm not strong enough to deal with Shes, so my Draal falls back. I use my last orders on my Surda that dodges a mine and before dying, kills an enemy shrouded minelayer.
Now Shes and its last nox have to hack another console if my friend want to discover my designated target, after moving and after two attempts my designated is discovered but with no many orders is impossibile to do something, the only target is my Kerail that dies after resisting for two fights.

Turn 3 :

Now it's time to close the match, Neema moves and kill the designated target, after I kill also the other revealed decoy, then, my next target with my Draal is the nox hacker, dies and with my last orders I try to kill Sheskin, thanks to a first crit and good dice I finally kill the enemy alien leader.
Shas last turn sees the last shrouded trying to kill my designated target, I discover it in ARO and subsequently I kill it.
The match end with a good victory, 9-1.

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