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No trespassing allowed on the Japanese Bottom! Part 4

Lion Tremere

"No trespassing allowed on the Japanese Bottom! Part 4", Lion Tremere (Tohaa) vs Yaruniath (JSA), 12.10.2019

There will be a nice short story here one day.


Tohaa forces:
Group one:
1. Defensive triad with Gao-Rael sniper, Kaeltar with symbiomates and Sukeul HMG
2. Attacking triad with Draal AP marksman rifle, Kamael and Makaul
3. Liberto SMG
4. Clipsos FO
5. Two Chaksa Auxiliars with heavy flamethrowers

Group two:
6. Rasail Lieutenant with Chaksa
7. Sakiel with the viral combi, Kamael paramedic, Makaul
8. Esteemed Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate 'Diplomat-chan'


JSA deployment

Tohaa deployment.

Designated Target indicated by a dice

JSA turn 1

Shinobu Kitsune infiltrated through all of the Trident cordons right in the heart of the Tohaa forces! She moved up the ladder, ignoring all the Tohaa attempts to discover her veil. Kitsune then slashed the Gao-rael, aiming to cut him in half, but his trusty pokemon partner jumped forward and Gao-Rael managed to survive with only his symbiont-armor damaged. Every Trident soldier fired at the poor Shinobu, even Clipsos and Liberto revealed themselves to fire upon the biggest fire magnet on the field. TO-camo couldn't protect Ktsune from all the shots and she ended her brave run in flames.

Kempeitai moved forward to end the job Kitsune has started. With hew attempts he was successful and Gao-Rael went down. Domaru LT tried to move away from the Rasail, but failed to dodge and lost a wound from the deadly viral combi. Ryuken moved up the field and ended in a suppression fire.

Tohaa turn 1

Draal activated a stratocloud and moved forward. With a few attempts, he managed to knock-out dangerous Ryuken in the distance. Draal then wounded a Tanko ML and forced him to seek total cover. Deadly Saboteur then switched his priorities to the JSA army police officer and killed the Kempeitai. With his last order, Draal discovered one of the decoys.

Sakiel smelled the blood of the wounded Domaru and moved to finish the job. His triad moved on the right flank until he could find an angle to fire upon a samurai. Domaru tried to dodge but failed and got viral'ed.

With his lieutenant order Rasail moved forward, getting closer to where the fun is.

JSA turn 2

With a Lieutenants death JSA ranks are in a disarray. Musashi impetuously rushed forward, blasting a Kamael with his chain rifle. Kamael managed to wound Musashi before going unconscious.

Now it's time for a Keisotsu to avenge their friends! Tokusetsu Doc stood up and proved that doctors are the deadliest soldiers on the battlefield. She easily put down a Kamael. And then she went for a Makaul. This trident soldier proved to be a tougher target and they both went unconscious. Keisotsu opened a door and fired upon a Sakiel but his armor protected him as guts back in cover. Keisotsu ML stood up, to guard their position with a missile launcher.

Tohaa turn 2

Rasail got transfered to the first group.
Sakiel went for revenge! He easily shot down both Keisotsu. Sakiel then tried to kill a Tanko DT in the distance and a previously discovered decoy. Tanko managed to tank the saves and guts back in the total cover.

Draal moved to the next console, activating it to discover a real Designated Target nearby! Rasail DT received this info and rushed forward with a clear goal in sight.

Rasail moved to see the JSA Designated target and fired three shots from his Spitfire on the HVT and a single shot at the Tanko in the distance. Chaksa fired his flamethrower at the Musashi who tried to dodge the flames. Tanko fired his blitzen in hopes of destroying Rasail's comms equipment and leaving him starving for orders. And finally a Ninja appeared from the shadows to try and engage a Chaksa. He was successful! Musashi and HVT both managed to dodge the attacks and only a Tanko received a wound from the spitfire. But with his last order, Rasail managed to kill the Designated Target with his spitfire, sacrificing Chaksa to the ninja's blades. A free shot from the Tanko isolated Rasail in the end.

JSA turn 3

Musashi impetuously rushed towards Makaul, but flames proved to be scarier than "chains" as Makaul did survive the shot and legendary Samurai didn't. Tanko then found a spot to fire in the Rasail's back arc and finished him.

Tohaa turn 3

Sakiel finished the poor decoy with his viral combi point blank.

Clipsos then challenged the Tanko ML high in his tower. This Rapunzel story ended with a Tanko getting combi'ed down by the Clipsos-chan. She continued her killing spree with a Ninja, proving once and for all who is the best TO-camo in the field. With her last order, Clipsos tried to finish off the Tanko, but he managed to survive her fury.

Tohaa vs JSA 9:1

A customary "Before the Harry's bar" photo.

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