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Oyabuns Orders, part II

Lion Tremere

"Oyabuns Orders, part II " Lion Tremere (Tohaa) vs Yaruniath (JSA), 28.09.2019

This time Trident Sentinels were invited by their JSA friends to have drinks at the Harry's Bar. And it went surprisingly well! Nice cute girls, drinks and Socar flowing endlessly, music so tempting. We had a great time! But when Tohaa soldiers decided to go home, they discovered that it was a sly JSA trap all along! This was no a bar, it was a hostess club! And now Yakuza shows up and waves a check with some exorbitant zeros in it!
"N-n-no damn w-way w-we ill pay that much ffor some drnks! Damn traitors! No one takes a Trident Soldiers alive!" *yik* *yik*
Lion Tremere managed to get on his feet and boldly declared a total retreat back to the Armory. No way they will pay that much for some drinks, Warchief will kill them!

We played at the Harry's Bar, but as I was victorious, we agreed to change a location to the Xaraks Battery: Ammo.
Custom mission: Decapitation
Featuring Krakot Renegade and Musashi posing as a Wild Bill shadowshooters.
Honestly, playing something other than an Armory was really nice and refreshing!


Tohaa forces:
Group one:
1. Defensive triad with Gao-Rael sniper, Kaeltar with symbiomates and Taagma posing as a Sukeul missile launcher just to mess a bit with the opponent.
2. Attacking triad with Sukeul HMG, Hatail Aelis Keesan Sensor-KHD and a Makaul
3. Liberto minelayer
4. Draal SMG minelayer
5. Two Chaksa Auxiliars with heavy flamethrowers

Group two:
6. Clipsos minelayer
7. Leuty's retinue triad: Sakiel Lieutenant with the viral combi, Kamael paramedic, Kriigel SMG a.k.a. 'Living Jammer'
8. Esteemed Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate 'Diplomat-chan'

I apologize for the amount of unpainted models and proxies. I've just received Spiral Corps box and will try to paint them asap.


Tohaa deployment

Tohaa turn 1

Sukeul HMG was first to attack. Initially, it went good with HMG gunning down both a Tanko Flammenspear and a Warcor. But a stray missile from the Tanko critted Sukeul down. Aelis Keesan moved forward to attack a Lu Duan in the distance, but Tanko found a sliver of a LoS to blast her with his missile effectively destroying an attack triad.
Wild Bill moved to protect the HVT, tanked a mine with his dodge and then knocked off a Ryuken with his multi-pistols.
Libertos moved in an armory zone and blasted a Lu Duan with a lucky surprise shot. With the remaining orders, Libertos placed two mines and hide in the corner, securing the middle zone.

JSA turn 1

Yojimbo rushed forward, impetuously hungry for blood. But he couldn't evade a Gao-Rael sniper shot.
Kempeitai blasted his shotgun in the Wild Bill, who barely survived in the NWI state.
Keisotsu HMG bravely rushed forward, guns blazing. He found himself shooting Gao-Rael in a bad range, looking for 4s. But Gao-Rael managed to miss and lost a symbiont-armor. Next one was a Diplomat-chan, who met the same unfortunate fate.
My opponent broke a link team and made a coordinated attack to finish of the Gao-Rael. A Missile from Tanko, a Flammenspear from another Tanko and an HMG keisotsu. Gao-Rael missed his shot against an HMG Keisotsu and got destroyed.
Every Trident ARO was killed so JSA got free rein. Tokusetsu doc climbed down and went to patch up the Tanko, bringing back the five-man Core team.
Wild Bill (Musashi) was used as the most expensive mine-sweeper, tanking three mines at the same time and dying at the spot. A keisotsu on the rooftop stood up in went in the suppression fire.

Tohaa turn 2

Tohaa starts its turn in a pretty bad spot, we have lost every big long-range gun.
Wild Bill blasted his trusty milti-pistols in the Kempeitai but lost and went down. So it was up to Clipsos-chan to finish his job. She knocked off Kempeitai with a surprise shot and then gunned down a Keisotsu on the rooftop ending her run in a suppression fire mod

Next it was a Draal time, he activated a stratocloud, went to the door and knocked it off. He had a most difficult mission, as a Datatracker he had to kill a designated target right before his eyes. The only problem was that three Tanko and a single HMG Keisotsu were all covering this doorway. But nothing could scare our brave Draal! He sent two shots in the designated target and a single shot at the Keisotsu HMG. Trusty Pokemon helped Draal to tank every save from all the incoming fire, but he failed his shots against an HVT. Without a symbiomate, Draal Saboteur will most likely have only one last try to gun down the Designated target. This time he succeeds! Not only did Draal killed the target, but he also managed to tank the missile shot in the face and hide in the corner, breathing heavily.

JSA turn 2

Samurai link-team bravely advanced forward, shining armor blazing in the sun. The glory and the pride of JSA!
Domaru spitfire turned a corner to fire at the Clipsos in a suppression fire. A lonely Chaksa fired his pistol at the samurai. But Clipsos-chan proved to be a much tougher target than anticipated, easily killing the Domaru with her combi.
Samurai team had to use two remaining orders to scatter around and prepare for the Tohaa's assault next turn.

Tohaa turn 3

Clipsos accented the ladder and easily killed Tanko missile launcher from the back. She then went into suppression fire.
Draal rushed forward killing two Tanko without much problem. And went into suppression fire in the middle.
I remembered that I need to protect an HVT, so Clipsos moved back and ended her turn, hanging on the ladder.

JSA turn 3

Domaru lieutenant, The Last Samurai turned the corner and blasted Clipsos with his chain rifle, tanking a mine and a Chaksa pistol shot in the process. But then he was left with only one order and with no way to kill the Designated Target, who was safely stuck in the corner. A victory for the Tohaa!

Tohaa vs JSA
Survivors 159:67

A customary "Before the Harry's bar" photo.

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