Asteroid Blues


Soft Power vs Hard Weakness

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VS PanOceania


"We're not here to start a war, Lieutenant we are here to show Pan O that they can't flex their muscles in every direction without splitting a few veins," Saladin would lead an elite group of mixed soldiers, mostly from the Bahram sectorial and a few irregulars from the deserts of Bourak. Using the combined efforts of uniquely trained soldiers and putting them together is the genius of Saladin...his strategies are flawless. This is why during the Kurage crisis he would be deemed a target... The mistakes were not of the real Saladin as they found many pretenders during that crazy campaign. The real Saladin was asked to stay away from Dawn after those times.. Now he will be needed..
"My prediction is at this position they will have a large TAG unit, this will be our main effort, to show them their weakness is their reliance on strength alone. We have planted our Fidays already, including the famous Aldjabel." The two Barid smiled at each other,, Aldjabel is studied in great depth in the Hassassin society,, he is legend, full of talent and vigor to carry the sword of Allah to a greater future.

"His history of impersinating PanOceanian officers is legend and in times of crisis and mistrust among allies, he will create the emotional leverage we need and the distraction in their ranks will be enough until we get our message across." Saladin, now with his hand on the hilt of his sword as if it were a septre of leadership and kingly virtue..... "Take to Liberty as the steed of Allah found our glorious place in the Universe!"

3hours later..After Liberty
"Can you tell me more of Saladin Bena?" the young Daylami wanted to know everything..
." Saladin is a known commander of great prestige at tactical warfare and the Old man on the mountain gladly sends his Hassassins to aid in his missions.. and it's because he is not to be trusted you see....The Old man would say "An Aleph creation needs to be carefully monitored, if it goes rouge It must be one of us to destroy him when the time comes."..

With that the mission defriefing was called.....

PanO would start action with the Buleteer trying to snuff out a camo'd trooper near by.. and BAM!! A young Daylami postioned near the Nisse would surprise the right flank of PanO.
The Daylami's life would not be in vein. Taking down the Evo hacker and the Bolt killer hacker in the exchange.
The rest of the turn was Pan O moving into position and locking down with Supression
Haqq turn 1. Impetuous Ghazi move first and the Barid will follow.
The supressive fire Pan O set up in the first turn would take out 2 mutts as they advance. I realize after the smoke would have little effect as the black friar would "see through" my plan..
With my right flank pinned I would creep up the Libertos which did take out the TR bot!
I wanted to run Ol' Aldjabel and kill the Jotum my favoirte way.. but the friar was just too much of a nuisance.. The rest of my turn was.. shoot pitcher,, miss,, miss.. Move Kameel up to unload more pitcher and finally hit a repeater!! 8 inches from the Jotum! (see photo)
Seeing my weak left flank the Bulleteer eyes up the troublesome Barid assault hacker and takes him down just as the Ghazi tosses up a smoke cloud!
Luckily my Forward Observer Ghulam went to target practice earlier and crit the bulleteer in the same order it took my Barid down.
after killing my Barid Assault hacker my opponent had a sense of security,, but little did he know I had a Tuareg in Hiding on the roof. The jotum activated...
And in turn the Pan O strength became their weakness as I turned the brute around and shot everything it could... however his monstrucker knew where to hit it!! 3 crits in a row and the Jotum goes down.. I kid you not!! Great game Berithh!! I really was sweating until that point.. I try to hide that lol..

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