Asteroid Blues


CURFEW - Unauthorized Trespassers shall be shot on sight

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Father Knight Luisjoey
VS O-12
Intel War


FROM: Gallery Maze Passageway 7032 Noovy Bangkok
BY: Liutenant Calza

"Following the Hexahedron directive of the curfew on the passageways we make reaving groups to search for smugglers or alien activity, on the tunner 7032 we found a signal, so we sent our locust agents to intercept it and find it out...."

Overview of the Tunnel 7032 that has an abandoned Cosmica Depot in the mid.
Spotting the place well, so we sent the Theta strike force to support locust PAC demolition
As our Locust agent A. Pocket comes by the PAC found that was surrounded by unidentified troops...
Even was surrounded by a bounty hunter that called him to alt in this deep of the tunnels...
Theta strike force spotted what seem to be an epsilon, and was about to interdict when....
A rogue sniper that looks like former hexahedron worker... attacked us, pinning down and we dealth with all the fire blowing with spitfire.
Captain Rakter Shot quickly on the epsilon, with a huge burst to deal him out wounded... they didnt respond but with fire at us.

Theta strike force make a harsh advance on the Pac to support Locust A. Pockets while a shotout breaks out, as our secondary Aquila team advanced on the West was glued by Bounty Hunters working with the hostiles, at this moment we didnt identify who are the agressor.

Corporal Jon Jair Bolt with shotgun advanced to intercept the enemy and deal him out to clear the path to the locust agent.

a Sirius team? here down... what´s happening? they responded with riotstopper at us.
As Locust was clear a Lnyx agent appeared with plasma carbine failing and falling to our fire, while our locust operative plant 3 D charges on the Rogue Pac

Then They responded with an amazon warrior that resembles the moves of Hypolita, jumping at us wounding at Bolt Rackter with spitfire and Jaina with Misile launcher as the Black Friar Tomas was also down to enemy fire leaving Bolt Paramedic Katrina alone and leaderless.

But with courage Locust P. Quill appeared and controlled the area fighting with the bounty hunter and bringing down a monstertrucker rogue engineer... they are moving toward our position to blow up our PAC we gotta defend... so liutenant calza Spec ops blow the Enemy PAC with the remote control and a earthquake leave him out of combat.

Then BOLT paramedic throw him some medkit after killing several of his fellow comrades, including the black friar Tomas; and rackter bolt with his spitfire was up again to be wounded and entangled by akrylat cannone of the bounty hunters.

What a mess situation, the enemy identified as O-12 operatives then reacted and moved to deal with corporal jon jairo jumping at him and killing out right with a guardian N2 of the alpha warrior.

Poor JON JAIRO Bolt was leading and was butchered by the animal alpha unit... as she was out by supporting fire too.
Hypolita was there, but unasembled and in her box... so was uncomplete hypolita (that might resembles an asura)
Aquila guard was glued, but liutenant calza made use of his palbot to clean out the bubble gum
While a Cube Jaeger appeared on the western flank menacing a civilian to take out our PAC
in the last moment of battle we control and hold the line reducing their numbers, the cube jaeger was down to suppresive fire, and also a bounty hunter... that escaped since he had an automedikit that heal him back on feet

"Things are getting confusing down here, everybody it´s doing whatever they want and we need to put order on the location" Liutenant calza said with jabbing voice " As we were instructed we shall shot anybody on sight if not authorized to pass by and have the TOLL PROTOCOL enabled, even if O-12 or the very same AI of aleph"

Keep the Tunnels clear of fleas and moskitos... OPERATION DENGUE


Mission: LOOTING AND SABOTAGE (Asteroid Blues Gallery Maze Passageways)

Panoceania NCA : 8 (146 pts )
O-12: 1 (75 pts)

Was a fierce battle to an updated and undercosted army as O-12, many tricks under their sleeve, we survived barely to their variable weaponry.

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