Asteroid Blues


Arriving a Human Edge to #DEUSVULT

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Father Knight Luisjoey

Cold Welcome party

Knight of Santiago de Leon

++++++++++ Receiving Incoming Transmision++++++++++

After the Kurage Crisis battle at Zhan Huo Firebase, where I was missing in action fighting the Yu Jing Tyranny to support the Sovereign independence of the KUGE and the JSA army. I was rescued in the mess and received the message from the High Command that Human Edge was at stake by several alien intromision, i was escorted by Teuton Knight Goëring to the position held by Panoceania at Human Edge along with several of the biospecialists of the Hospitallier, since xeno threat was expected beyond infection but social influences.

As we Arrived to Spaceport we advanced toward cargo city to meet with the High Command Agents here at Liberty Cargo, Thandar and Skullmar but as we get into the O-12 precint we were attacked by Aleph security team led by a Deva and a Yadu Fireteam that opened fire to us while we were walking on the civil place, but the yadu with HMG were neutralized as we responded with all of our Magister Knight Panzerfaust, but we ended pinned into position. Then a Deva appeared shooting with her spitfire that brother SO Ropper did neutralized with Heavy Rocket reaction as we were outflanked by an aristeia Character.... PARVATII! working as a Proxy with 2 smg!

Liberty Cargo Spaceport City
Yadu and DEVA agent over us.
Vile Andreph Deva bot...
Pinned at a hover vehicle

We endured all the fire and get pinned, then we were utterly pinned by a Proxy Sniper that leave out of combat 1 magister and the Teuton Knight Göering while Joan Of Arc 2.0 jumped on the flank to support us, killing the atop Proxy sniper but was boldly forward that she was apart from our defense.

She was engaged by the remaining 3 yadu that hacked and even shoot in the head in CC with a heavy pistol, but she managed to kill 2 of them when she faint out... her sacrifice was inspiring to all of us.

Joan of arc dealing with the SSO Yadu
Dealing with Forward observer -Datatraker that resembles to Aristeia Character Parvatii

After Joan of arc feint we were on a disorder since i took the command of the team but we made a redistribution healing some of the wounded with the irregular orders and dealing with the Beacon of the AI. Our second turn was very limited due to disorder among our ranks.

But Trauma Doc Knight healed back Goering that was down to sniper shots and he get into battle so we advanced toward their position killing dealing with the remaining yadu that Joan of arc left wounded and responded to atop Shruka consultant that was attacking us.

It´s a miracle most of all survived due to our hospitallier knights, but Joan of Arc Sacrifice shall not be in Vain.

We shall look further on the Aleph doings or if something rogue its´happening, we shall call support from Bureau Toth to deal out with those inconsistencies.

Now i´m at a medbay to deal with my arriving wounds...

Let´s pray for a sonner Joan of arc resurrection in all of the glory.



Anhilation 300 Mid Tier Liberty Cargo SPACE PORT

Military Orders: 9 (249 survived)
Aleph SSO: 0 (0 Survived)

Result: a Major but exhausting victory

Andreph with her fully painted aleph army by herself.

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