Asteroid Blues


Elladan VS Remonel

VS Haqqislam

Military order(Elladan) VS Hassassin Bahram(Remonel)

Terrain placement

First active turn(Remonel)

He infiltration Al-djabel and move him to my sierra total bot.

he make smoke area, moved smoke area base contact my sierra and cc atack.

sierra destroyed.

but he use many order, not shortage order

Hassasins turn end.

my active turn.

I move joan, She shot Mutawia in the cover.
She kill one count.
She repeat.
her kill count two.
but, The order was consumed by a meaningless discovery attempt.

Remonel’s active turn 2

and he shot light shotgun! and kill order sergeant and machinist

but It was a weak techbi that stopped him.

my active turn

santiago knight Successful mission. 1

and killed hassasin turn end.

turn 3 total.

Joan. she is killing machine.

any one Can’t stop her.

She succeeded in occupying.

Final score

Elladan 7 : 0 Remonel.

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