Asteroid Blues



VS Nomads
Hiki round 4! Trying out the spitfire delta again

Both sides deploy very conservatively, as the objectives just have to be grabbed by the end of the game. Most troops have their heads hunkered down, out of line of sight. This allows my Razor FO to immediately start the run downfield. He grabs the console he started next to, then beelined for the enemy's deployment zone.

I forget what unit was the primary target of the shotgun template, but I was hoping that the template would hit the Zondnautica and clockmaker. I didn't have the movement to get the template to where it would hit them. His actions resulted in killing the primary target and getting isolated by a nearby heckler's jammer. On my opponent's turn, he would drop a mine before dying to the heckler's combi
This mine would then absorb a ton of orders from my opponent, which is why I think I wound up pulling a draw rather than a loss, despite getting crit something like 6 times throughout the course of the game.
Aha, it was a total reaktion zond that was the original target of the Razor FO. The reaktion zond crit my Omega who had tried to move forward out of cover, out of the good range band, on a 2, displayed next to the krieging zond.
Speaking of crits, the Hollow Men link begins their advance, with the spitfire headshotting my suppressing Omega. I had hoped the Omega would slow them down a little longer than that....
Omega, nooooo. I needed you!
I had a suppressing Epsilon, as well. Key word: had. Victim of yet another crit, haha.
That's fine, I still have one more ARO piece that can keep my Tunguska opponent from moving freely! Ack, not if the Peeler gets crit like the troops who came before it. In the background, by the Stempler Zond on the ground level, the true objective of the Hollow Men fireteam was revealed; they had shifted across the board to be able to discover and destroy the mine my Razor had laid much earlier.
I didn't realize this Varangian's impetuous move would take her into LOS of the Hollow Men tower. Needless to say, she didn't make it outta the hood.
Damnit, Jim, I'm an engineer, not a button-pusher!
Guys, you're killin' me here; I can't spend this many orders on objectives with a Hollow Men fireteam right there!
We had to take a picture of this because it was so silly. My Varangian rolled a 2, 3 to hit with the shotgun while the clockmaker rolled a 1 to try and negate the hits. Then, the clockmaker rolled 1,3 for armor.
Of course, the Zondnautica survives....because it rolled a 4 to hit with its spitfire, hoho. 6 dice total and we couldn't roll above a 4!
And because the Zondnautica didn't die earlier, it pushed up, taking out a kytta trying to block the way and the sirius bot
The Zondnautica beat out the Sirius FO's flash pulse, but the Sirius managed to pass the armor save and drop prone, hiding behind the Sirius bot's body.
Regretting my decision to have the monstrucker throw his drop bear to the right and not to the left
Not pictured: the Delta spitfire stepping on, shooting the Zondnautica in the back, and then dying a miserable death trying to kill the Hollow Man assault hacker to prevent it from grabbing the console next turn. Pictured: the Alpha charging forward in a desperate attempt to just provide shottie AROs. Also, the monstrucker in suppressive fire
After all that! Confounditall. To try and not end the game in a tie, my buddy tried to data scan one of my bodies to get a classified; he failed

I sacked everything I had to hold my buddy back. At the end of the game, only the Alpha and a Cyberghost were left standing (never pictured: Cyberghost also able to overwatch the console and whiffing badly with his combi)

Granted, I was trying to shoot a spitfire at point blank into a Hollow Man link, but I still was not impressed with the performance of the Delta spitfire. As a result of this game, I was left with the feeling that I prefer the Delta FO, with his handy combi, light riotstopper, and flashpulse.

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