Asteroid Blues


Caledonia against Drugs


Caledonians Against Drugs

Upon hearing about illegal goods being stored on the outskirts of the battery while under the Haqqislam control a Caledonian force was sent out to investigate this major overlook on the part of the Haqqislam command.

This force was to investigate to see if any of the claims and rumors to be true.

While following the old patrol paths that these same Caledonian forces used to patrol down regularly they fell into their old routine checking any disrepair or anything that seemed suspicious. What was the most suspicious is that for their whole investigation they did not run into any patrol forces.

Then they heard it “Move those crates over there we have to get these drugs into these tunnels or else we won't be able to set up and supply our dealers around the main strip.” Upon hearing this we started to move on the compound we were hearing these voices coming from. Uxia and a few other scouts moved up on the compound to see if we can get any information on who were setting up here.

To our disgust it was the Druze. They were using tunnels near a small compound to set up as a drug storage. This is a problem that must be dealt with immediately before the network set up by the druze becomes too difficult to deal with on this asteroid.

Yet while we were setting up our men we heard a few gunshots and someone yell “IT LOOKS LIKE A CALEDONIAN SNUCK IN HERE! GET READY BOYS WE GOT SOME COMPANY FROM THAT BACKWATER PLANET!” before we realized it our cover was blown and the druze are taking this to strike first.

The Druze force proceeding cautiously using their experience and highly trained soldiers started to check their corners and stumbled upon something prone on a building. A haris of druze discovered it was a Caledonian Volunteer with a light shotgun. Seeing that the Druze yelled out his position the volunteer grabbed his shotgun to shoot at the haris but against a few well timed viral pistol shots it was enough to kill him. Knowing now that there were a few men that were able to set up within steps of the druze force they proceeded to move cautiously until they spotted another camouflaged unit which didn't move. The druze drew his gun to take a closer look and as it moved Uxia jumped out with a shotgun trading shots with the druze. Most of the bullets missed but she was hit by a rifle. Luckily it was in her protective vest and she received no injury. After that a camouflaged unit that was sitting on the building where the volunteer used to be and seeing that the druze won the fight against Uxia as she backed away, it decided move forward to see Uxia hiding behind a crate. Uxia was being looked down upon by a Hunzakut wielding a shotgun, thinking on her feet she tossed down the smoke so the Hunzakut would not be able to identify where she went. Luckily the Hunzakut was not able to get off a clean shot before the smoke was too thick to see.

At the same time a core of Druze launched a grenade on William Wallace and a bunch of highlanders. They were all able to dodge out of the way of the oncoming attack.

Seeing Uxia pinned down the Caledonian forces pushed forward The highlanders pushed out around from the building they were in. While McMurrough was pushing up the side of the field and dropping a smoke. Uxia took this distraction to push around the crate to the haris of Druze shooting her shotgun and ducking back to cover. into the first one killing him instantly as the bullets spread past him hitting the guy behind him in the armor but the man in the back getting pierced by a shot through the neck killing him as well.

After that another camouflaged unit climbed up the ladder of a building and pushed further up till he saw a druze with a rifle. The camouflaged man shot with a missile launcher revealing himself to be a Scots guard with a missile launcher. The druze fired back in a desperate attempt but the missile struck the man and kill him and the man behind him. The Highlanders all proceeded to move further up while Uxia went back to an old comms antenna and activated it in hopes to notify the Ariadna HQ about the discovery of a drug den of the druze. At this point a core of volunteers being led by a 3rd grey with an HMG moved up the field and gunned down three druze one of them being a paramedic. Then they started to move toward the center of the field where a tech-coffin of Druze drugs were discovered.

Seeing the push back by the Caledonian forces a Sierra Dronbot pushed out and challenged the Scots guard with the Missile launcher. The shots from the Sierra were precise and killed the Scots Guard. The Sierra moved forward seeing Uxia and a Cateran. The Cateran shot while Uxia tossed down a smoke grenade to challenge the shots being fired by the Sierra. While the Cateran did not get lucky and was struck down the Smoke once again distracted the Sierra from hitting Uxia. The Sierra did not stop to wait and see if Uxia would appear from the smoke but rather proceeded forward to see one of the volunteers in the 5 man link. Seeing that the Sierra move in line of sight the volunteer tried to dodge but against the Sierra the man was gunned down with ease.

Now that the Sierra went on its warpath the highlanders charged forward wanting to be apart of the action. One got up and pulled out his weapon and shot towards the Sierra who shot back. Both the Dronbot and the 45th highlander went down between the exchange of fire. After that one 45th highlander ran around the corner to a druze with an HMG and got into close combat with it. The Druze not unfamiliar with how 45th Highlanders shot the charging man but with dying effort his blade sunk into the chest of the druze as they both fall to the ground. The last druze in the area kept charging forward until he saw Valerya Gromoz and swung his sword at her. She was not able to draw her pistol quick enough as his blade killed her swiftly.

As this is happening it allowed time for a volunteer paramedic to contact HQ about the Druze activities not knowing Uxia was doing the same thing. The 3 members left in the core link team proceeded to the Tech-Coffin where the 3rd grey held down the position.

With a desperate attempt the leader of the druze forces stood up from the building he was laying on and shot down the 45th highlander who murdered Valerya before preparing to leave.

The compound was taken over by the Caledonian forces who was able to get in contact with the HQ and have O-12 forces come to collect the stash of drugs planned by the druze to distribute to the people of Novvy Bangkok.

(My opponent loves to talk about how his Druze push drugs for reasoning on why we are fighting. So I figure that this video would be the best example of my men coming into his drug den.)

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