Asteroid Blues


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Typical day in the dirty streets of Novy Bangkok. Rats the size of a cat – run away from chasing a sanitary drone – and so does the nomad hacker, run away from Aleph’s drone bots, carrying too important data with him. Information in Novy Bangkok – has become a commodity of high demand – since the war began, each group on this poor little asteroids starting to keep its secrets more carefully – but they also began to seek the secrets of rivals with tripled strength. Recently, battles for a tidbit of the Main Strip are the Asteroid blues bar, and the smell of mountain wood and cheap whiskey still hung in the air around a group of frequenters. The change in the balance of power left the gang of Batyr burglars – out of work, the old criminal ties were broken, and the new working conditions made it impossible to rob small traders on the edge of the sector, calmless and relatively safely. Now – only risky and dangerous sallies for prey promised the gang wealth and power, but the leader was asked the question – was it worth it?

“New job, lads,” Odalisque Yasmin said in a soft but intriguing voice, winking to the boss. Her presence in the gang constantly brought problems, but her sources of information were always more reliable
“New job, guys,” Odalisque Yasmin said in a soft but intriguing voice, winking at the boss. Her presence in the gang constantly brought problems, but her sources of information were always more reliable and safety than even the Haqqislamic rifles – and therefore it was not important how she received this data. “In the medical centers of Spiral Corps, a successful experiment was conducted, the data about which are damn interesting for Aleph and O12. These snow-white ones – they are afraid to get their delicate hands dirty – and their reputation, therefore they are ready to pay any “performers” – who will be crazy enough to break into the very heart of the alien laboratory and steal samples – or information about the experiment. They pay a lot – and immediately, triple the payment in case of a successful operation ”

“It sounds like an invitation to a mousetrap for the most stupid mice,” said the hired hacker from Druze, while she was sorting through the data from her data plate. “Spiral Corporation is a dangerous adversary, only an idiot will climb into the heart of their hive.”
“And yet,” added Odalisque, “this is a big jackpot that not only we have relished on. Several other gangs will also climb into the alien base , maybe they can agree …”

“Enough,” the ex-foreman Munir said in an ordered tone, straightening his beloved leather coat. “In the current conditions, it’s not profitable for us to look for new enemies. The best option is one in which I – well, probably, will not be shot at me with my sniper weapons”
“I propose voting,” said a former Kapu-kalki employee, after which he received a slap from the foreman. The newcomer still did not understand the laws governing life in Nowy Bangkok.
Everyone looked at the boss, waiting for his verdict. He seemed to be waiting for something, calculating possible options in his head. Suddenly, from the air next to the boss, a freelance spy from Al-Hawwa appeared, which caused everyone in the bar to grab the gun holster. He whispered something in Boss’s ear, then disappeared.
“Get ready, ladz! A crazy night awaits us tomorrow”

Boss notes, 1st page
For the next operation, we will need to break into the territory of the Japanese forces. These vengeful bastards will never forget our act of agression – but such is the price of this avanture. We need to secure a safe path , shortcut to the Spiral Corps warehouse, and the fastest way to do this is through the base of Japanese forces. For the operation “Living trees” to succeed, we need to rob the locker room of the Japanese base, pick up the pass cards and use it to open the garage. Then, in Japanese cars, we will go to the Spiral Corps warehouses, steal their secret development – and return in the same way as we arrived. A great way to take away attention and pit two neighbors to fight.
The Japanese seized the initiative. Seeing signs of hacking in the system, they sent their special operatives to inspect the places of break up. Ninja – hackers and observers went to the locker room, while the guards took a comfortable position. A key card was taken from one of the locker rooms – it was necessary to act faster. That’s why me, Batyr from the Gutliev clan, moved to intercept the vile Ninja. While the sniper attempted to kill her, I went to intercept. From the stream of bullets from my chain rifle , the ninja was carried to the position from where the sniper was able to kill her. A key card now on the ground next to a wounded Japanese Ninja. The joy of the first spilled blood was short-lived – one of the guards shot me right in the gas tank. I managed to remember his face, but did not have time to dodge the shot
– the bike exploded, I was blown away very far from the epicenter of the battle. I hope the guys figure it out – for which then I pay them money, damn it.

Al-Hawwa Free Mercenary Report
After the “death” of the bandit commander, Japanese forces were very enthusiastic. To prevent this, the gang used a trick, to divert attention – the commander’s holomarker. This did not help them much – they died one by one, at the hands of security and special agents of the Japanese.
On the other hand, they won me time. Using this advantage, I made my way to the least protected corridor, where I tried to break the code lock. Not everything was so simple. Having received several bullets point-blank, miraculously reflected by body armor, I completed the task, took the key card. The sniper successfully eliminated this threat, while the bandits miraculously killed the senior guard, disorienting the enemy. Later, the security forces were defeated, and the passage to our main goal was opened to us.

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