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Tom and I played another battle today, this time Tom got to decide our theatre and wanted to raid the Nomad holdings in the Gorge.
As the mission was Transmission Matrix I decided to bring a Spiral Corp list with nothing hackable. At 400 points you can basically take all the cool stuff in Spiral.
I won the roll and picked deployment hoping to go 2nd and getting to choose the side with better access to the central zone.
Tom deployed first with his Dakini link on my left his TR bot in the centre and his Asuras on my right.
I deployed with both my Draals up near the central node, my Taagma Sniper disguised as a warcor near some Chaksa Auxiliar on my left and my Helots spread across looking at his various guys.
Tom’s first turn saw him eat a light rocket from my left most Helot to his Asuras, sadly he then killed my Helot. He also unveiled my disguised Taagma Sniper and killed it with a surprise shot from his Proxy Sniper. He did lose his Dakini HMG and a Naga Sniper to a lucky Crit from one of my other Helots. However, he did kill my HVT who I had left tragically unsupported.
In my turn one I managed to kill his HVT in return and move the SMG Draal right up to his left Node dropping a Dazer to pin the remains of his Dakini Link team. My doctor tried a medkit shot to revive my Sniper but killed him instead. I also ran my Kerail Preceptor straight at his link team but got critted down by a Dakini. (Later I realised that the Preceptor had Symbiote armour, so he got up.)
At the end of the first Round I had 4 zones and a killed HVT and Tom had a classified and a killed HVT so it was 3-2 to me.
Tom’s turn 2 saw him determined to kill my ARO pieces, which he did killing all my Helots, the Draal I moved up to his node and he wounded my marksman rifle Draal. After G jumping his Apsaras into it to give it BS13. He then climbed his Asuras on top of the central building.
In retaliation I revealed my Clipsos TO marker and moved to surprise shot the TR bot rendering it unconscious. Then I had the spitfire Reex take pot shots at his Apsaras high armour and cover made this relatively low odds but I snuck a wound through and Tom had her fail guts prone. I then moved my Kriigel Agent up against the wal of the building and Erasered her.
In LOL Tom decided not to play out his 3rd turn and we finished there.
5 -2 to me.

My Deployment Side
Tom's side
That's no Warcor

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