Asteroid Blues


Training Exercise 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Yu Jing
Cdr. Philip von Kruse
Captain Jag Kara

Please be advised: I will update this report to my usual standards eventually, but due to the recent problems with Warconsole's site for this campaign, it is first published in a somewhat unfinished state.


Notes: We didn’t play the normal mission for the Cosmika HQ. We instead played it as Countermeasures. Some models have been proxied and that is listed below.

Map: We aimed to make our map a bit narrative, so we assumed that there was a ceiling to the map, hence no tops to buildings. All fences, shipping containers, and walls were considered infinitely tall. We also used the map that both Jag kara and I played on against MrJuki to save some time and effort.


Profile - Name - Model
Dakini Tacbot (Sniper) - Unit-1207 - Dakini Sniper
Dakini Tacbot (HMG) - Unit-1240 - Dakini HMG
Dakini Tacbot (Combi) - Unit-1136 - Dakini Combi
Dakini Tacbot (Combi) - Unit-1137 - Dakini Combi
CSU (Rifle + Shotgun) - James Smith - Shukra Shotgun
Proxy Mk.1 Hacker - Min Lee - Asura Hacker
Proxy Mk.2 Hacker - Min Lee - Naga Combi
Proxy Mk.5 (Forward Observer) - Min Lee - Dart
Sophotect - Sophie - Sophotect
Yudbot - Unit-2222 - Yudbot
Lamedh Rebot - Unit-1262 - Sil 3 Template
Netrod - N/A - Netrod
Netrod - N/A - Netrod
Shakti (Lieutenant) - Shakti - Naga Sniper
Yadu (HMG) - Jessie - Deva Spitfire
Yadu (Drop Bears) - Tanvi - Yadu Multi
Lamedh Rebot - Unit-1138 - Sil 3 Template
HVT - Machaon - Machaon
HVT - Thamyris - Thamyris
HVT - Lucy Stevens - Free-lance Stringer

Invincible Army
Profile - Name - Model
Daoying (Lieutenant L2) - Zhulie - Daoying Hacker
Zuyong (HMG, Automedkit) - Fa Ren - Hsien HMG
Zuyong (Missile Launcher) - Cao Yi -
Zuyong (Tinbot B Deflector L2) -
Zuyong (Tinbot B Deflector L2) -
Zuyong (combi rifle) - Hao Shi - Sun Tze v.1
Zhencha (FO) - - Zhanshi
Zhencha (FO) - - Zhanshi
Zhanshi Yisheng (Doctor) - - Zhanshi Yisheng (Doctor)
Zhanshi Gongcheng (Mechengineer) - - Zhanshi Gongcheng (Mechengineer)
HVT - - C-3P0
HVT - - Han Solo
HVT - - Diala Passil


The board as viewed from the Aleph end of the board. (Jag Kara and I utilized the same map we both used to play against MrJuki with).
The map once more, this time viewed from the Yu Jing end of the board. Please do not mind the units from a game with CA commander MrJuki :)
Aleph deloyment: Alpeh deployment on the left.
Aleph deployment continued: Aleph deployment left continued.
Aleph deployment continued: Aleph deployment in the middle.
Aleph deployment continued: Aleph forward deployment.
Aleph deployment continued: Aleph hidden deployment.
Aleph deployment continued: Aleph deployment on the right.
Yu Jing deployment: Yu Jing deploys one of the HVT's on their left flank.
Yu Jing deployment continued: Yu Jing infiltrates (effectively forward deployment) with two Zhencha FO's as pictured (camo markers). The second Yu Jing HVT is also pictured, deployed up against the building.
Yu Jing deployment continued: Yu Jing deploys a Zuyong Fireteam: Core on the center-left part of the deployment zone (4 out of 5 visible here) and further left, the Zhanshi mechengineer.
Yu Jing deployment continued: Properly in the middle, the remaining Zuyong (behind crates) is now visible as well as a Zhanshi Yisheng (doctor) behind the energy-fence.
Yu Jing deployment continued: Yu Jing deploys their Daoying hacker (Lieutenant L2) in camo marker state as pictured via. forward deployment close to yet another Yu Jing HVT.
Aleph turn 1: Aleph thingy throws dropbears.
Aleph turn 1 continued: Aleph positions at end of turn.
Aleph turn 1 continued: Aleph sophotec and Proxy in the middle building.
Aleph turn 1: The now isolated and immobilized Missile Launcher Zuyong.
Aleph turn 1 continued: Lamedh bot and such after advance on the right flank.
Yu Jing turn 1: The Yu Jing commander moves the mechengineer to fix the Zuyong and succeeds. The fireteam is reformed with the last Zuyong once more and attempts several shots at the Shakti, gets downed and gets up thanks to the Zhanshi Yisheng and thus complete an objective.
Yu Jing turn 1 continued: The Shakti survives everything the Zuyong fireteam throws at them, and goes prone to avoid more.
Yu Jing turn 1 continued: The Yu Jing commander utilizes a Zhencha FO and blasts the Lamedh bot but gets hacked. The other Zhencha is moved to complete an objective in base contact with the bot and moves on to the middle building.
Yu Jing turn 1 continued: Previously mentioned Zhencha moving to the armory, now shoots at the Sophotec twice and hits once, putting the Sophotec into NWI.
Yu Jing turn 1 continued: Realizing that it is either tripping the mines or getting blasted by both advancing Aleph units and mines on the next Aleph turn, the Daoying is moved and attempts to dodge the mines. She fails and is downed (not dead yet).
Aleph turn 2: Aleph units move up, shoots and NWI's the isolated Zhencha putting it into NWI. On their way, they also shoot the other Zhencha, outright killing it.
Aleph turn 2 continued: Previously mentioned dead Zhencha. The Sophotec moved up and retro-engineered the HVT's gear and completes an objective.
Aleph turn 2 continued: Aleph moves up and successfully EM-grenades the trio as pictured, though since the Zanshi mechengineer is LI, he is not immobilized and can potentially salvage this.
Aleph turn 2 continued: Aleph FO moves up and civ-evacs the Yu Jing HVT here, successfully completing an objective. The unit is put into suppression.
Yu Jing turn 2: The Yu Jing commander, desperate to deny objectives to the enemy commander, utilizes two irregular orders (loss of lieutenant) on the two tinbot Zuyongs and succeeds with the second attempt, killing the Forward Observer denying two possible objectives.
Yu Jing turn 2 continued: Attempted breakouts of blinded on the Mechengineer failed. With no possible way of getting in the way of the enemy, the Yu Jing commander ends his turn.
Aleph turn 3: Aleph units predictably moveup and coup de grace the Daoying, as the coup de grace objective was drawn.
Aleph turn 3 continued: The Yu Jing positions. Shots were fired at the Zuyong Missile Launcher and fails. The Zuyong goes prone. The Yu Jing commander now surrenders, as it is simply not possible to win or get objectives on his upcoming turn.
Objectives completed by Aleph, one of which was completed with their datatracker.
Objectives completed by Yu Jing. None of them were completed with their datatracker.

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