Asteroid Blues


The maze massacer


Hello guys.

Si i apologize for the painting of the battelground and our minis but we begin this game 4 mounth ago.
I apologize too for not using batrep. But this mounth i prefer to buy minis to buy this application.

On the maze nomads defence taskforce meet aleph taskforce. After some negociation about how we can work together for counter the IE evil plan corregidor leader decide to open fire on this damn follower of the mainstream.

So we begin this game by nomad initative i decide to play first.

bromad turn 1:
On the 1photo i move my chimera on this building for have a protection. Alpeh bots try to kill them with a missile launcher but my bad robot dodge it.

On second photo the haris fireteam try to move for kill this antenna. But This evil IA anticipate my movement and place a sniper NAGA and a missile launcher agema on my road. On the 3 photo you can see to they were intercepted by a missile launcher wich kill three of them.

After this fail my prowler spitfire reveal himself for cleaning the defender. He kill AGEMA missile launcher on photo 4.

on photo 5 daktari come prone for healing unconscious roit girl.

Alphe turn1:
On photo 6 aleph try to use player use TEUCROS for go on the middle of the battlefield and kill my antenna. But PI well intercept him.

On photo 7 alpeh use DACTYLES for healing TEUCROS. When he revive he finaly kill pi well.

Bromad turn 2:
On photo 8 chimera try to kill aleph defender in close combat with a well placed eclypse grenade. But Aleph defender was too strong for him and kill it with a crit.

On photo 9 revived riot girl use his missile launcher for killing the antenna. Bromad 5/ Alpeh 0

Alpeh turn 2:
On photo 10 in response jimmy use his feuerbach for kill my antenna bromad 5/ Aleph 5

After that he use EUDORS for sniping the last riot gril and my daktari. Photo 11

bromad turn 3: Zero killer hack come on the panoply and take on loot. After that he decide to take a cover. (photo 12)

photo 13 my heroic custodier hacker lieutnant go on the middle of the table for my classifie. Bromad 7/ Alpeh 5

Aleph turn 3:
photo 14 :EURODROS finaly come for killing the Zero and Zoé. unfrtunatly zero drop his loot. Bromad 6/ alpeh 5
But previously on photo 15 Aleph hacker come on the panoply and take one loot. Zero hacker try to kill it but unfortunatly she had 2 wound and don’t die. bromad 6/ Alpeh 6

Final score DRAW Alpeh 6/ Bromad 6.

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