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Morat Assault

"You're not going to believe me bro, Kalusha took out three Daturazi with his machete... he planted some E/Maulers you know, but Daturazis not even care! They went directly after him! Of course I killed one morado, one of the so-called diplomats, le corté las bolas al cabrón but, Kalusha made me look as a little baby, hermano, he killed three Daturazi!
'El Ferras', Jaguar unit deployed at Novvy Bangkok after the "Cantina" accident.".

"Well, O-12 and Aleph are not doing their supposed job. Haqquislam and Nomads are cleanning this big piece of shit, we're the true sword and shield that defend the human edge. Just for you to know, we have just killed a Raicho...
Santiago de la Rosa, Hellcats team"

The scenario for this battle was awesome.

The battle

This was my second battle at Shiv Games on Utah, against Randon and it was a ver funny and enjoyable game!!!

So, I went first on initiative and of course, my opponent made me deploy first. We played Decapitation.

I deployed my pain train over my center and my Intruder, Brigada LT and Jaguar on the right side; enemy Daturazi link team go on my left, a Raicho on the center and Kornak on my right (with a doctor worm and another guy that I do not remember).

First turn, I landed my Hellcat in a good position but it seemed that it was not enough; I got on the Raichos back without LoF and without ZoC and landed 3 hits but... he passed all! So I moved my Intruder to do it again but... after a decent amount of orders the Raicho was only with one wound! The turn went faster as all orders were spent between Intruder and Hellcat to kill the Raicho... which didn't happened.

My opponent did the same thing! He landed a Diplomat near my Brigada LT and... he was very effective! He took out my Lt, my MULTI Rifle Brigada and my HMG Brigada. Then Raicho move to a better position for securing the middle of the table, of course after killing my Hellcat easily xD.

I was in a big problem, but as a proud Corregidorean... I continue fighting! I go directly against the Raicho and with a couple of orders I landed enough hits to put it unconscious with my Intruder. After that, I used the Bandido to just push the machete through it, then I go after the HVT with him and landed two beautiful boarding shotgun rounds on him.

So, for my opponent's turn Kornak moved across the table to kill my HVT too. Then Dataruzi started to move and as I had a thin LoF of my bandido y dropped some E/Maulers, just because ehm... to made my opponent think they were mines... yes, that's why, jajajaja. And It worked, at least two orders were spent to avoid directly "the mines".

On my last round, I killed the diplomat on CC with my Jaguar and Kornak with my Intruder. I moved my Bandido to a more defensive posistion (who was my LT after Brigada's death)... and that was all for me, only hope on the fortune!

My opponent moved Daturazi in position but I BS the team killing the leader with my Bandido, then he tried to move one Daturazi to CC my Bandido (due to the scenography, he couldn't move all in once to overwhelm my bandido) and I kiled him! He tried again and he won another CC combat and for the last one he failed the CC roll but survived the ARM roll!

So after we set the points and pv... I won 7-4!

The MVP, the MAN, the HERO!

Kalusha, the Bandit legend.

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