Asteroid Blues


Just a little off course

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VS Ariadna

Hard to starboard side! avoid them!

Stardate 0919 47NY
It's been over a year since our last call to action during the Kurage crisis so a little rust is expected. However, having a greenhorn ensign punch in the wrong jump codes putting you smack dab in the middle of an Ariadnan base doesn't help. Upon entering their space we were lit up by anti-air fire and took direct hits on our cargo hold and left engine and were forced to make an emergency landing just outside their base. Fortunately we were able to get the engineers to fix the left engine by the time the battle was over but it didn't make the supply retrieval and extraction any easier.

Note to self: Make sure Ensign Brewer gets latrine duty for the next 5 months.

Turn 1

My turn one consisted of running my Shadow Bill (Free Wild Bill due to scenario) around my DZ to take out the entrenched Heavy Flamethrower Grunts who successfully infiltrated outside my DZ. Once the heavy flame throwers were no longer a threat I moved my Zulu Hacker to take one of the supply boxes and extract it back to near my DZ.

The real shining moment came on my opponents turn when he spent 4 orders shooting his BURST FIVE HMG at my Kamau sniper. My sniper won through sheer faith in our lord Shammu. However, he brought in an Airborne Ranger to take out my FO Fucilier and then Shadow Bill. Now that the link was temporarily broken he moved up his Hardcase up to take out the Sniper. He was able to skirt around the sniper's bullet to sling an arrow right in her heart. Only good thing for me to come out of the exchange was my Helot took out the Hardcase so no one else would die to his Rambo tactics.

Each box was guarded by the Kamau link and perimeter set.
Zulu Cobra Hacker taking an objective
Shadow Wild Bill posting up at an objective for cover
Kamau sniper shutting down an HMG grunt

Turn 2

The turn started with my Zulu Jammer Lt shooting the Airborne Ranger in the back to allow my Zulu FO to have some breathing room. With the area clear and the Grunt link still hidden in their building taking the objective was simple. Once the supplies were gather the Zulu FO ran towards the back edge of the board and stayed there for the rest of the game.

His turn two he used a Foxtrot to grab the remaining center box and then use his Shadow Bill in his grunt link to take out the remaining ARO Kamaus I left on top of the building. Thankfully shock immunity saved them from being removed from board but now I had to rely on my Helots to do the job, but with Shadow Bill hitting on 19s I wasn't to confident.

Turn 3

Turn 3 I knew that if Van Zant was going to drop in my back field it would be now. So I set up my Cobras to be in the best possible place from this perceived attack. I took a few shots at the Grunt link to try and reduce their numbers with my Kamau HMG but I wasn't able to put a dent in them.

His last turn he used his Desperato to remove the box from my Zulu Hacker and then Van Zant to take the box she dropped, securing his win. From there I had to make a tactical retreat back to the base.

Zulu Hacker unable to escape the Desperato

Final result: 1-5 Loss

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