Asteroid Blues


Who Polices the Police? Pan O

VS O-12

Police Brutatlity

Stardate 1004 47NY

Turn 1

Moved a Helot near a Gang buster’s GlueGoats, made dodge to avoid them
Moved first ZC Jammer up the board near the Gang buster, isolated him then recamo’ed
Attempted to move around him and got discovered by the Flashpulse bot then turn later I gambled my dodge vs his TR HMG over attempting to Jam Lt TAG. I lost
Use ML to take care of TR HMG, success but a TO Sniper appeared and took out ML.
HMG Kamau tried to take on TO sniper, was in good range with decent # to hit on (7). Missed every shot and killed

His turn he moved his TAG way up the board and then jumped on the Shock Army ship to discover my ZC Jammer that jammed a Gangbuster. He succeeded. Next order he moves and shoots it however both he and a ZC w/ X-visor shoot their glue guns and while the Jammer got beat by the HMC the x-visor ZC glued the tag.
Then moved other GB up to side of the other Pan O ship to get glued as he passed by the previous ZC

Turn 2

I moved Patsy/orc duo up to mid field where they then moved and each got flashed once. BS made the save but patsy didn’t. Moved BS w/in 8 of his TO Sniper. I hit but he passed armor.
His turn he brought in FO AD dude who allowed my ZC a free turn to face. I passed It and preceeded to be a massive thorn in the opponent’s side as he glued the AD troop. He then drops another one and tit scatters to the opposite corner of the board near the Orcs. Making the best of a bad situation opponent sends 2nd Delta towards patsy and gets there with only one order to glue her with riotstopper. She dodges it

Turn 3

I spent 5 of my 7 orders to Boarding shotgun the Lynx only to have the Orc get crit and then fail an additional armor save from the pistol. Then moved patsy into CC with the Delta to make the best out of a bad situation and got glued as I was coming in. For my last couple orders I moved my ZC xvisor near the Omega to better see him when he comes out of cover and attempted to glue him. Nothing happened from the exchange and I ended my turn.
Since I’ve glued one of his Lts he NEEDS to get to my Lt this turn which is tucked away in a hiding spot DEEP in my DZ. His Omega needs to about every order just to get to him in order to glue him for the Lt glue tie. First two orders he moves up and goes to beeline it to my LT but my ZC xvisor is taking glue shots every order with his ARO. After tanking 2 saves from his Multi-Rifle on the 3rd order my glue gun hits and he fails the dodge. Left with no other option he moves his FO Delta from Patsy’s location and also beelines it to my Lt. However at midfield he gambled that my Zulu would miss and did a full move towards my LT in order to get ONE CHANCE at gluing the Lt. I roll an 8 and he failed the save. With no more orders to put into useful units, the game ends.

Final result: 6-0 Win

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