Asteroid Blues


The Varuna God vs 2 Salamandras

VS Nomads
Dirk Hardpeck

Double Trouble: Not just a damage type

Stardate 1003 47NY
Late one evening Ensign Brewer was finishing up his cleaning duties while watching the engineers prepare the Orcas flagship TAG, Shammu, for combat. Out of no where Brewer head a massive thud from outside of the Storage Hanger and then seconds later another one. Then without warning the hangar door gets shredded open from the other side as two Salamandras barge right in. Thinking quickly, Ensign Brewer took to the pilot controls of Shammu (Shammu) and sent out a distress signal. The entire base went into lock down and a team of Kamaus plus an engineer grabbed some weapons to defend the base.

Turn 1


Turn 2

Mary Problems posted up near my TAG is going to be a ....(sigh) problem if I start carelessly using my Cutter with out considering her hacking devices. So in an attempt to remove her from that position I sent in my camo'd Zulu FO to try and dig her out. Two orders later and I have one less problem to deal with. After that I used the rest of my orders to shoot one of the Sallys with Shammu and then recamo both the Cutter and Cobra with a coordinated order.

My opponent was sensing that the mission's success hinged on moving BOTH of his Sallys near the center objective this turn so he uses the Tactical and Isolated order of one of the Salamandras to get behind some crates near the objective. On the other side of the board he ran up his warcor and engineer to be near the 8x8 building. Feeling brave the engineer enters the building with out a cautious move and is surprised when the Giant Glimmering area didn't reveal to shoot him so he moves to the Panoply. In order to protect the engineer from Shammu's wrath, the salamandra behind a building Successfully discover+shoot Shammu but I was able to pass all but one of my saves so I retreated Shammu into full cover. After that the warcor entered the building, avoiding my TAG, and goes up to the panoply. His bravery was rewarded as he grabs the HMG out of the box with one hand. Deciding to bank on his earlier bravery the Engineer tries to pull up something from the panoply but Shammu sees him and shoots him with an EXP round and watching him explode for the end of the turn.

Turn 3

Shammu taking on 2 Salamandras

My final turn was simple, unseat both of the Salamandras. However first I needed to take care of a Warcor because I couldn't risk a free flash pulse ruining my plans. Zulu cobra gets near the door and after 3 FULL ORDERS the Warcor moves out of the cobra's LOS (after tanking 9 dice) I decided that I can't put any more orders into removing the warcor. Luckily he couldn't see Shammu unless I went REALLY out of cover so I just used my position and took aim at each of the Salamandras. I then spent my Lt and Tactical Awareness order of my remaining 7 (5 reg, 1 tactical, 1 Lt) to take out the first Salamandra. The next one was just as easy since it was already wounded from a previous engagement. With my final 2 orders I move up to the center objective, shoot that pesky warcor (killing him), and secure the center console for the win.

Opponent started his turn in retreat with nothing to unseat my TAG so we ended the game there.

Final result: 9-0 Win

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