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A welcome home...cut short

((Sorry for the really bad resolution photos. I'm trying to figure out how to take better ones with my phone))

Stardate 0920 47NY
It's been a few hours since we got back to base after "Latrine Specialist" Ensign Brewer's unique piloting abilities and the most of the crew is operating on a few hours of sleep, if any at all. A couple crew members reported seeing a "ghostly nun" in the area and a few crew members were sent to investigate. However, after 30 mins they didn't report back so I told the soldiers from the supply recovery effort and a few others to mobilize in case of an attack. I'm glad I did because a Kamau Sniper spotted one of those "nuns" as Reverent Moira from the Nomads. Having fought Bakunin troops before I know they didn't just bring a bunch of those Battle Bitches. So now we have to defend the docking area from the Nomads.

The only turn

I've seen the power of a carefully run Lunakhod can do to a back line so I sent the zulu cobra to go down his right flank to take it out. He goes up and surprises the Lunakhod but not the Koalas who sense his presence and go in for the hug. After getting in a full round burst into the bot he is surprised/relieved to find out the Koalas were just duds as they hug him and fall off with out exploding (aka he TANKED the saves WOOT). Unbeknownst to the Cobra, when he turned the corner to shoot the bot the Rev. Custodier in a nearby roof could see him and attempted to dodge prone and failed. Now that he has a new target in his sights he takes aim and down goes the custodier. Next was the Kamau sniper's time to shine as she sees a camo marker down range on the opposite side of the "table." She discovers that its a KHD Zero and with 3 squeezes the Zero has been reduced to zero.

Bakunin starts their turn and finds they can't get into contact with their Lieutenant Custodier. So acting alone the Tsyklon with a Feuerbach posts up to try and take out one of the Kamaus in the link team. Unfortunately for the Tsyklon both Kamau snipers can see it as it's getting to cover. The bot didn't have a chance as it too falls to the power of Shammu's special forces.

((After the bot died both my opponent and I agreed that his losses were to great to recover from and ended the game there.))

Final result: 8-0 Win

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