Asteroid Blues


The Art of Bricklaying

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Yu Jing
Yue Fei
VS Tohaa
Jager Nadim

The Durian Investigation Unit has a dossier four inches thick on Artichoke Lou, the Tohaa criminal long suspected of polluting food supplies across the human sphere. One appendix maps the “coincidental” appearances of the infamous Jager Nadim wherever Lou is suspected to be arround. We’ve long suspected them to be accomplices and have some very pointed questions to ask Jager Nadim when we have the chance. A loyal Yu Jing informant on the main strip tipped us off and this report details our first encounter with him in Novyy Bangkok.

Owing to technical difficulties, this report is being filed late. We include it now for completeness sake, and to explain some of the frustrations the Durian Unit has found working with Sun Tze. While he is certainly incredibly intelligent, insightful and tough he is sometimes prone to bouts of introspection or rumination that leave his troops worried that he has abandoned them at critical points in time. We recommend sending a solid second in command along with him in our next engagement.

Appendix A: Competitive Bricklaying

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Jager Nadim