Asteroid Blues


Quarrel at the Quarry

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Yu Jing
VS PanOceania

Sergeant Li Wei was still watching the smoke rising from the cargo area of the quarry when voice was herd over comms.
- Lieutenant Changying! What is happening down there! we picked up missile fire in the area. You have exactly 10 seconds to explaing yourself!.
- This is Segeant Li Wei from Zúyǒng Invincible regiment operating in the area. Lieutenant Changying is not currently here. She suffered category 3 frontbite and is on her way to medbay. I am currently in charge of the quarry.
- Well then Sergeant Li Wei explain to me what is happening down there.

The call for reinforcements was made by Operative control lieutenant Changying and our unit was first to answer. Once we arrived we where informed that there was PanO unit closing in and we where to intercept. Our initial plan was to greet the PanO and inform them politely that this Quarry belong to Yu Jing jurisdiction but sense they showed up with actual snowman and armed to the teeth we decided to let our guns do the talking.

Everything started with our Liu Xing making dynamic entry on the roof top where Nisse was covering the PanO advance. Even when Nisse managed to evade the landing Boarding shotgun made sort work of the devious PanO sniper. Quickly leaning over the rooftop Liu Xing noticed the advancing Bulleteer and Fusilier and made sort work of them.

On the other flank our Zhēnchá showed commendable action as he infiltrated to the enemylines and managed to take down enemy mechanic before hiding back to the shadows. Amidst all the action single salvo of HMG fire was herd as the Zúyǒng team took down overly curious aux bot.

It was time for PanO to push forward but despite their best efforts both Liu Xing and Zhēnchá survived thou wounded. Jotum pushed forward but was caught in deadly duel with Zúyǒng missile launcher and although the Tag eventually prevailed it was scarred by multiple hits and was forced back to take cover.

Feeling the momentum the Zhēnchá pushed forward after taking down the bulleteer that tried to end its life before. After darting between the cargo boxes it has found its target. Jotum didn't have a chance when the close range fired D.E.P. found its mark. After huge explosion only parts of this once mighty tag was found. Now that the tag was down our Zúyǒng team moved forward to secure the terminals.

The Battle was lost and all that was left for the PanO commander was selling his life dearly. Lonely Order sergeant pulled the trigger and heavy rocket launcher unleashed its deadly payload. In the distance explosion was herd as the warhead found its target taking down Zúyǒng and Haidao. Finaly the commander of enemy forces sprinted forward with his trusty combi rifle taking down Zhēnchá but not before the Yu Jing infiltrator managed to take revenge on the rocket wielding sergeant. Last shots where toward our venerated hero Tai Sheng but only managed to wound our hero and she managed to dive in cover before the freezing cold took our liutenent and the rest fo the PanO forces.

Yu Jing troops used. Daifei acting Zhencha, PanO bot as Messenger remote and finaly Hsien as Tai Sheng.

Player thoughts.
Woah what a game! managed to play around Jotum and not through it! and talk about MPV Zhencha he singlehanded took the game and runned with it. I got really lucky as i managed to land the Liu and make the roll for infiltrate with Zhencha. My first turn was really devastating leaving my opponent without engineer to salvage the game and with 4 less orders to use Also the only crit for the hole game was ofc 1 of the missiles from Zuyong fighting Jotum ;D

Thanks for reading!

field of battle ;)
To kill the Giant

PS: WARCONSOLE problems! downloading this batrap has been pain to say the least so sorry for only few pics i managed to put in.

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