Asteroid Blues



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VS Nomads

[Novvy Bangkok]
[/Liberty CLC]
[//Admin Building]

[Mission briefing]
Primary mission: Secure PanOceanian beacon.
Secondary mission: Protect our beacon.
Tertiary mission: Personal elimination of enemy combatant for field cube extraction.

[Critical update]
PanOceanian forces on site eliminated. Nomad strike team encountered.

[record of combat operations / begin]

Primary attack force lead by a Khawarij moves into combat zone, where he shortly diverges from the team to ascent a central tower to attempt elimination of enemy defense trooper [Grenzer]. Attack fails. Secondary target eliminated [noncombatant Warcor – REDACT]. Mukhtar secondary attack force accompanied by Leila Sharif advances and forms defensive perimeter.

Opposition forces advance and form perimeter around their beacon. Major threats from enemy remote combat units [Lunokhod and Sputnik] and super heavy infantry [Kriza Borac]. Cyberwarfare web detected. Defensive micro-remotes [CrazyKoalas] activated. Ghulam sniper incapacitated by opposition heavy infantry.

Mukhtar unit assaults and eliminated enemy defense trooper. Mukhtar discovers and eliminates enemy infiltrator [Zero] and survives secondary mine detonation. Enemy white noise zone deployed; Mukhtars regroup. Defensive remote unit [Lunokhod] is disabled; rear attack on super heavy infantry thwarted.

Opposition assault remote incapacitated Husam Sharif and Mukhtar leader. Airborne unit [Hellcat] deploys to allied control area. Subsequent return fire by Ghulam grenadier eliminates target. Enemy super heavy infantry and heavy infantry [Mobile Brigada] advance with assault remote. Defense remote Shihab eliminated by enemy super heavy infantry.
Ability to claim enemy beacon compromised. Main objective altered to prevent opposition interference in our beacon. Nahab lands and eliminates enemy infantry [Algaucil]. Tuareg reveals and wounds enemy super heavy infantry. Mukhtar eliminates enemy heavy infantry.

Enemy assault remote attempts vertical evasion of Ghulam/Naffatun fireteam. Ghulam cyberwarfare protocols immobilizes assault remote [Gadget program Blackout]. Enemy hacker [Interventor] incapacitates [Suckerpunch] Ghulam specialist. Ghulam and Tuareg reactive zones disable assault remote prior to reaching allied beacon.

[record of combat operations / end]

Primary mission outcome: Failure. Enemy beacon unclaimed.
Secondary mission outcome: Success. Allied beacon protected.
Tertiary mission outcome: Failure. Enemy combatant unclaimed. See further research and application on less lethal ammunition than [to be REDACTED: Fire, Viral, Shock]

[debrief: journalist casualties prevent evidence of both our presences at Liberty CLC / public relations maintained]

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