Asteroid Blues


Infiltrating the Office

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VS Combined Army
Glaive Commander

Commander’s Journal
Location: The Gorge, Bot Branch Office
Date: 2192
We take the initiative to sneak in to the gorge, trying to take control of the Bot Branch Office, we organized a party able to enter and figure out what are the real intentions of the nomads there.
Taking the control of all the information that Arachne can have, the reports of all the activities that are happening in the entire asteroid pass throught the Tunguska Bank of Data, with the control of that data we can find out where the Shasvastii cell is located and we will be abble to finish with the thread they repressent.
In our incursion we cross with a group of shasvastii that were trying to control some consoles that are part of the bank, they are trying to cover their steps I guess, something we cand allow.
They saw us approaching and start the ambush but we have learned a lot from our last encounter, the came with “civilians” again, we are not going to fall again in that trick, we know that they are speculo killers, one of them came after me but I’m not an easy target, he revealed himself making useless our probot, after that he start to hunt me and tryed to shoot me with his shootgun but he is not rival for my multi rifle, our dakini fireteam was well positioned but in a unfortuned shot our samekh fell down just as our HMG and multisniper, but that will not make us retreat, their knox leaded by sheskin start to conect the consoles.
Our Spec-ops came to the rescue and easyly rrpair our falled dakinis, not a problem for him.
Making a giant sacrifice one of our post-humans sacrified his Mk5 body to conect one of the consoles mattering not to be strike by a full burst of the Q-drone that was guarding the console from the high of a building, Dart came across the field and throw some E/M grenades but was not very effective but stay in the spot holding the ground, a well positioned garuda start to cover the zone near to Dart.
We found a HVT from the CA near to us and our Liasom Officer designated him, we need all the information we can collect.
The shasvastii force continues his advance, but the will face our forces in the battlefield in places they not expect, Sheskin try to sneak out from our HMG, and she did it, but she didn’t expect to find the Mk2 body of our post human infiltrated near waiting her and the entire knox fireteam with his boarding shootgun, that was a critical shoot for the shasvastii forces.
We came across the battlefield taking the control of more consoles, and taking good care of the shesking body, she will not be abble to fight again today, the Mk2 make a beatiful coupe de grace.
In their dispair knowing that they will not be abble to complete the transmition of the data, the shasvastii forces strike us again making their way trough the Operation Room whit their liasom and another “civilian” but the Mk2 body did his job extremely well, he cross the battlefield and enter the Operation Room and take down the liasom of the CA, but in that effort he fell dwon by the burst of the Q-drone, we will always remember our troops effort.
That “civilian” cut our way to enter the Operation Room, not allowing us to take control of the zone, but our liasom trasmited all the information we gathered, helping us to inform our findings.
Victor Bx
Shukra Consultant of the OSS

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