Asteroid Blues


An Unexpected encounter

VS PanOceania
Father Knight Luisjoey

Commander’s Journal
Location: Arachne Node
Year: 2192
With the past of the days we are more confiddents in the settles of asteroids blue, our troops are knowing the field a lot better, this time we where contacted to cover an encounter between some comissioneds from different factions, but the mission was not that easy.
We have to cross the arachne node to reach the meeting place, that’s a dangerous place to cross for all what means our army, rems, hackers and a lot of comunication devices.
In our journey across the node some interference was detected in our devices, one of our support hackers was take down by an invisible enemy trought the network, we response in same way, an invisible battle had being taking part in an battle field where the weapons are just data and the knowledge and capacity to manipulate it.
A rocket was spot across the “sky” and go stright to our group of dakinis and that a part down but in the same way we fought against that enemy who we cannot see, we struggle against the odds and fought our way out, the comissioned we where protecting was murder in all the chaos that brought the battle, our army was decimated but not our spirit.
We use our secret weapon to find and destroy our enemy, a Huntress, an optimate huntress that is known by her great abillities, none of our enemies watch her go trought the lines and start take down some of them, she take down the comissioned who was supossed to found us in the same way they murder ours, after the first encounter with the “civilians” in novvy bangkok she shoot first and ask second.
In this case our mission failed, but that not mean we are going back, the CA menace is still out there and must be discovered and decimated.
I will keep fighting for the mankind, all my efforts are going to be to eliminate any mencae for the human sphere and i will lead my fellow aspecths to the victory.
Victor Bx
Shukra Consultant Of The OSS

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Father Knight Luisjoey