Asteroid Blues


Liberty Cargo: Space port

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VS PanOceania
Storm Wind

This report will be kept very short this time.
JSA advance started of with a Ninja moving to position himself closer to enemy Father Knight, was surprised by enemy hacker, and had to stay put while preparing to give enemy preassure through threat of hacking ARO. Full fireteam of two Domaru`s, and two Tanko`s moved forward to climb stairs on to reach higher ground, one Domaru managed to shoot Spitfire, but was first hacked immobile, and then shot down, breaking the fireteam.
Two Shikami`s tried to start moving towards enemy hacker wreaking havoc, only one of the two managed to get close, and eventually got into fight with the hacker, and the Father Knight. In the end Shikami fell to a lucky dagger strike from the hacker, while concentrating on the more dangerous foe ( or so he tought). In the meantime Oyama had killed enemy tropper who tried to strike from behind friendly lines, and as the last man standing tried to charge enemy from the flank, managing to kill one of them with his chainrifle, but not without falling himself. Tanko`s didn`t really manage to do anything ( as much as noble samurai can expect from peasants), expect to appear scary while on higher ground in cover trying to ARO everything that moves.

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Storm Wind