Asteroid Blues


The destruction of the separatists

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VS Ariadna

Spaceport hangars. We had no task to engage in battle, only intelligence. But, life does not ask our desires.
Fusilier Kris managed to react in time by shooting an unknown man to bypass some fat guy with a shotgun, but because of this distracting maneuver, the enemy Briscard was able to open fire first. However, this did not bring any result, because unexpectedly from TO Swiss Guard pressed the attacking fires of their HMG. After a short skirmish, the enemy was eliminated and the Fusiliers detachment, led by the Aquila Guard, launched an attack from the right flank, while the Swiss Guard covered them with fire.

On the left flank, a giant Antipod came out of nowhere and, after a short battle, first disabled the Swiss Guard and then the Fusilier Angus. However, a flurry of fire fireteam laid him to rest forever. To crush the enemy after the destruction of the most dangerous fighters was no longer a problem. Despite an unexpected enemy attack, the Neoterran Capitaline Army once again proved its professionalism, instantly covering the enemy with superior firepower.

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  • Berithh says:

    Decent Batrep! If you feel you’re short on words, you can always aim to take more pictures and add titles to the pictures! Like “Here, the Antipod comes down the flank but is shot down by a fusilier link team.”

  • aSH says:

    nice rep, but more words?

  • Vadische says:

    The enemy gave up on the second turn… There is nothing more to write…

  • Father Knight Luisjoey says:

    need to improve the batrep and more pictures please

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