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Big trouble in little Bangkok ... ähh ... Novyy Bangkok

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VS Haqqislam
Black Ogre

The first battle for Asteroid Blues we did, were the first few Infinity games for my opponent.
We decided to count the five Starter Set Missions as one 200 points game. With every victory giving 2 VPs and remaining points calculated down to 200 points (overall: 502 points for Haqqislam; 472 points for Nomads).

Since Black Ogre wanted to play with his newly painted Haqqislam miniatures, while I wanted to play Nomads, we took the Haqqislam Starter Set from Red Veil and the Nomad Starter Set from Icestorm and played the Missions with the scenery from Wildfire. We used the starter rules and added the troops like it was set in the respective starter mission books (Icestorm and Red Veil).

The games were played on thursday the 17. September 2019, but due to a lack of time and motivation reported later.

Since the starter missions do not make much of a report for themselves, I will give you just our background story with a few of my notes of what happend. When I am writing left or right, it is always from the point of view of my deployment zone.

Game 1

Alguacil Hernández: We arrived at the target location. What do you want us here for anyway, command?

Command: Great! You see, I found out, that the investigative journalist Masuma Amjad is making research for here new story at your location. Can you get me an autograph?

Alguacil Hernández: Come again?

Command: Can you get me an autograph of Masuma Amjad. You know, the star from...

Alguacil Hernández: Are you fucking kidding me? You've send us to one of the most dangerous places in the Human Sphere to get you an autograph? You brainless idiot! When I...

Alguacil Paredes: No way, she is actually here with some bodyguards. Lets just get it done.

Alguacil Hernández: Rookie, stop! You can't just walk up on people down here on the Strip.

[Gunfire can be heard]

Alguacil Hernández: Stop shooting, you idiot!

Alguacil Paredes: They started! *argh*

Alguacil Hernández: Fuck, man down! Command, we are under attack. We need backup! NOW!

Notes game 1:

Nomads won the roll off for first turn (Remember: starter rules).

1. Turn (Nomads):
- 3 orders to move one Alguacil to the center and kill one Ghulam.
1. Turn (Haqqislam):
- unsuccessful attacks.

2. Turn (Nomads):
- Alguacil in center dies in ARO. Rest move forward.
2. Turn (Haqqislam):
- Ghulam moves up onto the left building.

3. Turn (Nomads):
- Alguacil moves forward on left flank and attacks Ghulam in the back (no damage)
3. Turn (Haqqislam):
- Ghulam in the back shoots Alguacil on left flank.

4. Turn (Nomads):
- Remaining Alguacil in deployment zone moves forward.
4. Turn (Haqqislam):
- Ghulam on left building moves forward and kills last Alguacil.

Victory Haqqislam (lost one Ghulam)

Game 2

Mobile Brigada Udo Bernstein: We have union members under fire, ladies! Onward to the rescue!

Alguacil Vázquez: Shouldn't we wait the order to be given? It sounded like an awful misunderstanding over the comms.

Mobile Brigada Udo Bernstein: Would you want us to wait, while you were under fire, just because we thought it might all just be a misunderstanding?

Alguacil Vázquez: Yeah, right! Sorry, I still need to get rid of this old habit to wait for or follow orders.

Mobile Brigada Udo Bernstein: That's the spirit, Nomad! Onward for the union and Corregidor!

Notes game 2:

Haqqislam won the roll off and gave the first turn to the Nomads (my opponent will do this mistake one more time).

1. Turn (Nomads):
- Mobile Brigada advances kills one Ghulam. Tries to kill two more but does not succeed and moves in cover.
1. Turn (Haqqislam):
- Ghulam reposition themselves. Khawarijs advances and shots Mobile Brigada two times (no damage), then he hides.

2. Turn (Nomads):
- Mobile Brigada advances and shots Ghulam two times (-1 wound for the MB).
- Then one Alguacil moves forward and kills the Ghulam, who wounded the MB and another one.
2. Turn (Haqqislam):
- Khawarijs attacks Mobile Brigada (successful dodge) and the Alguacil on the right flank (successful dodge).

3. Turn (Nomads):
- Mobile Brigada advances and shots Khawarijs.

Victory Nomads (no losses)

Game 3

Spektr Ignatov: I have been send here to acquire certain data. Whats the situation?

Mobile Brigada Udo Bernstein: There is no data to acquire, just some union members to avenge.

Alguacil Vázquez: Yes, he is serious about that.

Spektr Ignatov: Ok, then a little bit revenge before work. I don't mind having some fun.

Notes game 3:

Haqqislam won the roll off and gave the first turn to the Nomads (that is the last time he did that mistake, he wanted to try out a wall of AROs).

1. Turn (Nomads):
- Mobile Brigada goes wild: Advances and kills everyone but the Tuareg. He was able to pick them out one by one.
- Spektr advances.
1. Turn (Haqqislam):
Loss of Lieutenant
- Tuareg shots at Mobile Brigada and Spektr (no damage).

2. Turn (Nomads):
- Mobile Brigada needs three orders to kill the Tuareg (crit: KO).

Victory Nomads (no losses)

Game 4

Grenzer Mauser: What name did the Alguacil use for that Mobile Brigada?

Spektr Ignatov: They call him the union enforcer.

Grenzer Mauser: Why is that...?

[Gunfire, small explosions and screams can be heard as the Mobile Brigada mows down another wave of foes.]

Grenzer Mauser: Ah, I see.

Notes game 4:

This time the Nomads won the roll off for the first turn again.
My opponent tried to lay a trap for my Mobile Brigada with simultaneous AROs. Unfortunately for him my dice safed me completely from that.

1. Turn (Nomads):
- Mobile Brigada advances and fights the Tuareg (no damage) and one Ghulam (KO). Then kills the Tuareg, after her he crits the next Ghulam and double crits the Zhayedan with another order before he takes cover.
1. Turn (Haqqislam):
- The Khawarijs (last survivor) uses his normal and Lt. order to shot and inflict one wound at the Mobile Brigada.

2. Turn (Nomads):
- The Spektr advances and finishes of the Khawarijs with his second try.

Victory Nomads (No losses ... again. Not that great if you want to get someone into a game...)

Game 5

Mobile Brigada Udo Bernstein: This is it, gentlemen and ladies! The last of the offenders are before us.

Reverend Healer Killer Sister Beata: Oh good, I feared I would miss the fun.

Alguacil Vázquez: (shocked) Whoa, holy shit, were did you come from that suddenly?

Reverend Healer Killer Sister Beata: What is that little girl doing up there?

Spektr Ignatov thinking to himself "Ahh, my data."

Grenzer Mauser: None of our buisness. Our buisness is over there. (pointing at the advancing Haqqislamite troops)

[Heavy weapons fire can be heard. The women on top of the building in front of the Nomad troops is torn into pieces by the HMG of the Al Fasid.]

Mobile Brigada Udo Bernstein: What was that!? These bastards! Kill them all!

The Grenzer moans as he is hit by a bullet from the enemy sniper and sinks down.

Mobile Brigada Udo Bernstein: Onward!

Spektr Ignatov: You really love this, don't you Bernstein?

This time my opponent won the roll off and took the first turn.
In the last starter mission you have to hold the central building at the end of turn three. Black Ogre was aware of that, but he wanted to wipe me out in revenge for the last games.
The first turn looked good for him, but then the negative modifiers for close range for his HMG and his Sniper Rifle kicked in on the small playmat (they really should just change the weaponry for the starter missions).

1. Turn (Haqqislam):
- Al Fasid erases the ARO Unit on the central building (our investigative journalist): - 3 wounds
- Tuareg vs Grenzer: Grenzer KO
- Al Fasid advances to the right side of the central building (cannot get up, because the stairs are on my side)
- Khawarijs advances to cover right behind the left side of the central building
- all Ghulam advance on the far right flank (form a line)
1. Turn (Nomads):
- Alguacil on left flank advances and then shots Khawarijs Lt. (4 orders): Alguacil KO
- Mobile Brigada advances, shots Tuareg (KO), the first two Ghulam (both KO) and inflicts 1 wound on the Al Fasid

2. Turn (Haqqislam):
- remaining Ghulam advances behind the scenery item right next to the Mobile Brigada
- Al Fasid advances and moves in CC with the Mobile Brigada: Mobile Brigada -1 W (crit)
- Khawarijs Lt. moves to the right corner of the central building
2. Turn (Nomads):
- Spektr moves to the left edge of the central building then shots Ghulam (KO)
- Rev. Healer moves back and then left shots the Khawarijs Lt. (no damage)
- Mobile Brigada uses Lt. order for CC vs Al Fasid: Al Fasid KO (crit)

3. Turn (Haqqislam):
- Khawarijs Lt. vs Rev. Healer: Khawarijs Lt. KO
- Zhayedan advances and shots Rev. Healer (no damage)
3. Turn (Nomads):
- Spektr advances and shots Zhayedan: Spektr KO (crit)
- Rev. Healer vs Zhayedan: Zhayedan KO
- Mobile Brigada moves on top of the central building
- Rev. Healer heals Grenzer; tries to reach Alguacil on left flank, but does not get far enough

Victory Nomads (two losses, controling central building)


Mobile Brigada Udo Bernstein: All clear! Sister Beata were you able to save Vázquez?

Alguacil Vázquez: *screams in horrible pain* Ahh! Oh god, please stop! This pain! What did you do to me???

Reverend Healer Killer Sister Beata: He is fine. *throwing away some bloody pieces of flesh*

Alguacil Vázquez: What was that?

Reverend Healer Killer Sister Beata: Your liver. It was damaged beyond repair. The replacment won't hold long. Get a new one as soon as you get back to your base, man.

Alguacil Vázquez: What? Bernstein she...

Mobile Brigada Udo Bernstein: ...saved your life! Lets get out of here before someone pays the 'owners' of this wretched place to look into this mess. I will grab our brother from Tunguska. Can you try to get one of these bastards up and running again or at least get one of their cubes, Sister Beata? Command might want to know we fought here.

Reverend Healer Killer Sister Beata: With pleasure! (And with a smile she ripped the cube out of the nearest Haqqislamite soldier. The terrible scream clearly gave away, that he was far from being dead...)

In the end we had one victory for Haqqislam and four for the Nomads. We both agreed, that the heavy armor and my many critical hits were the defining factor in most of the games. It feels like the Haqqislam Starter Set would have been better off with a Janissar instead of the Khawarijs or the Zhayedan, at least if you want to use Red Veil as a standalone set.
But we still both had fun and Black Ogre still wanted to play Infinity. :-)

End results:
Victory points: Nomads 8 - Haqqislam 2
Remaining points: Nomads (85%: 170) - Haqqislam (6%: 12)

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