Asteroid Blues



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VS Haqqislam

The supply run to secure initial equipment, medicines and some data turned out to be not as simple as the briefing implied.

As soon as we got to the site indicated by Krielan, the Kiiutan we sent to scout ahead, we were ambushed by a team from the Haqqislam forces. You could say he heroically sacrificed himself delaying the Govad fireteam lead by an Asawira, but the only thing he accomplished was to buy a few seconds for the rest of the team to take cover.

While everyone in the team was too busy keeping their heads down from the covering fire of their elite operatives, their Fiday made a run for the center tech-coffin only to be ambushed by Argleen, the Clipsos. What are these humans made of? A full clip and one antipersonnel mine later the haqqislamite devil still managed to lay some smoke, get to grips wiht her and slit her throat. Things only got worse when the damn marksman with the missile launcher made short work of the kiel-saan, reex escorts and the hatail hacker.

Assuming the battlefield to be under their complete control their operatives started moving towards the other supply crate, but these humans still underestimate the resilience of the Spiral Corps. Zhalior, the saboteur took down the first one to move for it, then pursued the Ragik who fell from the sky and grabbed the supplies until, right under the noses of the govad team, gave him his due and recovered the package.

Moving to flank the humans and provide cover for Zhalior, the Kriigel agent Harulien started on the right flank only to be gunned down by one of those stupid Wild Bill impersonators that have been seen all over this area. Without support we had to leave the Drall to fend for himself and started reatreating, we had had enough… we have not received any news from him so far.

Klieshaan, Spiral Corps Taagma

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