Asteroid Blues


you can't fall if you're at the bottom

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VS PanOceania

Miners and Lemmings share similar traits

"Who would've guessed? They're not only aimlessly scuttling around on this rock, no, they're also dragged into any potentially fatal situation like a turd into a ship's loo! Three of them got themselves in severe trouble down here. Apparently they were involved in a huge fight where some panoceanian operatives took part as well. These panoceanians were anything but human though. It's at least one Shasvastii in company with two presumably sepsitorized henchmen. Command's prime directive for such a situation is: identify and kill. Unfortunately the Varunans over there think we're going to attack their civillians." Emily ended her briefing right before charging towards the suspect's position.
"Keep our three miners alive guys!"

Burp's Deployment: Croc Man (hidden), Zulu Cobras (KHD, Lt., FO), Patsy+Kamaus+ORC Fireteam. Arrow: EB's entrance. Red and Green: Designated Targets and Decoys

You can't fool us

In a coordinated action the Al'Hawwa and Emily advanced towards the left-hand and center console. Then the Hawwa was able to hack into the infogrid and the HVT right in front of the Varunan watersports fireteam was unveiled as the Shasvastii agent. With that now known Emily started acting. After opening the central room and a cautious advance through the HMG Kamau's LOF Emily was able to eliminate the alien agent with a speculative grenade shot. Further speculative fire at the Fireteam weren't successful thus she provided suppression fire.

On the left flank the opponent's Zulu-Cobra let the Hawwa pay for his lightheadedness to not camouflage himself by killing the Hacker.
Enraged by the E/M Grenades' impacts the Fireteam was disbanded to enable a one to one firefight between the HRL Kamau and the Brawler Sniper. Which resulted in an unconcious Kamau.
Miraculously the Kamau paramedic was able to bring the HRL Dude back to life and the Fireteamteam was formed again. In the following exchange of high calibre projectiles between the Brawler Sniper, the HMG Brigada and the Feuerbach ORC the ORC's hit couldn't harm the Brawler and further recieved a wound from the Brigada.

Mistakes an bad luck kill people

Teased by her former unsuccessful attacks Emily now tried to send the Kamaus into eternal retirement, which was only successful in regards of the Kamau Paramedic for the price of her own life whilst the HMG Kamau stayed unharmed. With the again decimated Fireteam in fron of him the HMG Brigada did his best to get rid of the ORC but the opponent's armour prooved impenetrable, only the ORCs weakened nerves pulled him to the ground. But the now LOF-free environment enabled the Brawler Sniper's Haris to reposition and advance Raoul Spector.

Eager to retaliate his failure from before the HRL Kamau now attacked the Brawler Sniper with the aid of his fireteam. This time the Brawler's armour couldn't withstand the Kamau's aggression further the HMG Brigada was knocked out during the following shootout with the HMG Kamau.
After this the Zulu Cobra hacker was able to get in contact with the left-hand console. A successful hack later the main witness' identity was unveiled. Another attack on Sr. Massacre by a Croc Man followed but harm was prevented by his Eclipse Grenades.

Bad decisions were made

With all of the Fireteam members hiding Raoul still had a path to the right-hand console. But, as soon as he reaced the roof, he obviously had his own way of dealing with the situation. He ignored the console and rushed towards the Fireteam's position throwing a drop bear in front of the HRL Kamau. The then following attack was survived by the Kama who used this as an excuse to go deeper into cover. Following further attempts of murder, this time against the ORC were stopped by the HI's Pistol killing Raul.
Thanks to this the Daktari was still in the open and Sr. Massacre had no chance to see (and intercept) any approach towards the witness' position. That mission was going to go down.

Raouls fruitless act of heroism killed the mission

It happenen the way it had to do. With the way now free of any disturbances by StarCo the remaining, misinformed by Shasvasti scheming, fireteam advanced towards the right-hand console, first killing the Daktari and second killing the witness. Still believing they'd do something good an Echo Bravo Hacker appeared on site just to advance to the right-hand console as well activating it.

at least the Shasvastii is dead

"At least it wasn't as desastrous as our first Mission. We could send that alien back to it's creator so it won't be able to cause further chaos. Bad news is: our only reliable witness is dead as well."
"That's unfortunate, we'll be considered the bad ones now right?"
"Highly likely, yes."
"Oooh, crap! And the fact that Sr. Massacre attacked Patsy after the incident won't make it better, right?"

Well, for the hard facts the Game ended with a 8:5 win for Burp.

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