Asteroid Blues


Prisoner Exchange

VS PanOceania


Roughly two weeks after the clash in the Bot Branch Office Emily was fully recovered (thanks, Avicenna!), much to Uhahu's delight. Therefore it was Emily's voice that echoed through the Briefing room.
"To conclude our latest assignment: surprisingly three of out client's miners were detained at the Liberty Starport for minor crimes and coincidally the authorities there are willing to exchange them for our PanOceanian detainees"
"And we have to escort these guys?"
"Yes, the Zulu Cobra and the Fusilier have to arrive there safe and sound otherwise the miners won't see any space rubble again soon"
"Well, as long as we're paid..."

The exchange istself took place without any disturbance, the miners were already on their way home as suddenly a group of varunian soldiers appeared demanding the surrender of the Starport Squad's ship's transponer beacon.

The same detachment as in the last game
Deployment in the Administrative Building. Interesting how similar the taste of the white collar people is.

I'm not trapped with you, you are trapped with me

With the Haris Brawler in sight Varuna's Bulleteer immediately opened fire. But thanks her reflexes the Brawler could avoid any harm by bravely diving headlong into better cover. This opened the Bot's path to catch the clockmaker without any cover which resulted in a dead Clockmaker.
Incited by this success the Remote's controller got lightheaded and whilst agvancing towards the Brawlers' position an E/M grenade from Emily missed the remote by a hair's breadth. Now alerted the remote turned around to take care of Emily. But much to the controller's disfavour not only Emily but also the HMG Alguacil had LOF to the remote and the following exchange of bullets turned the Remote into a pile of scrap.
Meanwhile the Zulu-Cobra Killerhacker enjoyed the benefits of an elevator and went towards the Brawlers' position as well.

With a Kamau sniper and a Missile Launcher wielding Fusilier in overseeing most of the theatre StarCo was pinned down. Thus the Brawler Sniper successfully used her range advantage against the Fusilier's Missile Launcher. After this a few fruitless exchanges with the Kamau Sniper did follow. Thus the HMG Alguacil took over and ended Varuna's suppremacy over the theatre. But there was still one enemy too close to the Lt. Thus the Haris Brawler climbed the building she was previously hiding fromthe Buleteer's fire. The Zulu-Cobra Killerhacker was then succesfully discovered and taken care of in the usual way.

The Shark lost it's teeth

After losing all of his offensive units and being basically trapped in its' deployment zone the ambush group's morale was close to zero. Thus their Lieutenant considered Plan B: calling it a shitty day and letting the StarCo Force leave the theatre.

Known for being resentful the Brawler Lieutenant lived up to his name by walking up the battlefield and killing the Bulleteer Remote with a coup de grace.


"You guys should go back into your paddling pool! Goddammit, you're the best example for madness by dehydration!"
"Calm down Lieutenant, just get back from here." Emily interupted the Brawler Lieutenent's tirade while heading for their ship.

Soo, hard facts: we played two turns but my opponent realized at the beginnign og his second turn, that he would not have been able to win the game considering his very bad dice and the late hour. Thus I waived to play my full second turn and did just fulfill my classified Objective which ended the game 1:0 OP.

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