Asteroid Blues


Casual stroll at LCLC, with violence.

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VS PanOceania
Storm Wind

It’s yet to be confirmed which caused the confusion, but despite Command wishing us to stay on the defensive some of our comrades ended up making an attack of opportunity against the PanOceanian positions. On the bright side, the Tartary Army Corps did perform quite well. They managed to strike deep to the enemy lines and in the end no enemy was left standing on the AO.

The deployment went well enough, with the lonely Scout Ivan Ivanovich Infiltrating slightly ahead, attempting to cause havoc among the enemies of the Motherland. In this case, two of the Spetsnaz units were deployed on the field, the other sneakily camouflaged while the other was overseeing the battlefield over the rooftops. A third, more cunning, Spetsnaz operative had stayed on the transport in order to drop by parachute and perhaps cause some confusion in the enemy ranks by performing a flank attack.

An aerial surveillance image of the deployment zone, a more innocent time of camraderie, kazak style! Urrah!

While his comrades held the line, Victor Victorovich had planned his vector of attack in a manner, that ensured confusion for Patsy Garnett and the PanOceanian defence. In true Slav fashion his confusion was so optimal that while the attacking line itself had stalled and one of the Spetsnaz comrades had been killed by the enemy, the overall balance was shifting towards true Slav dominance.

Overview of the situation, optimal confusion pictured on the right!

Ivan, trying to emulate Victor in causing confusion, attacked, but performed in a less than optimal manner. Maybe he was just a Western spy, who knows? He managed to take down a Fusilier, but the Knight using that Fusilier as a meat shield was up to 300% more furious than expected thus cutting Victor's mighty Slav rampage before it had begun. Though Victor did manage to damage the Knight, which later turned out to be useful as the Core of the team started moving forward and finished the job.

Comrade Ivanovich contemplates while watching an imaginary cube of pure Slavness before embarking on a failed rampage.

Comrade Spetsnaz sniper Anton Antonovich had positioned himself well to control the flow of battle, but unfortunately so had the enemy snipers. After a frantic and slightly protracted duel of snipers Anton took a reaction shot at a target that was running through his peripheral vision. It was a beautiful headshot, the [REDACTED] dead and on the ground before noticing anything. Unfortunately, apparently outrage by the loss, the PanOceanian forced managed to take down comrade Anton as he was distracted.

An evil [REDACTED] has been killed by the defenders of the Motherland. We will drink in your memory, Anton! URRAH!

The battle was drawing close, the forces of PanO had given the ground to TAK assault. There wasn't much to be done except to toast for the fallen and a shout of "URRAH!"

Comrade Victor Victorovich has just taken down last of the enemies of Motherland in this location.

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