Asteroid Blues


The Lotus and the Spear

VS O-12
Rocky 3 the Tri-Force head

One Perfect Morning, With Highly Classified.

4 Shared Classifieds were: Extreme Prejudice, In Extremis Recovery, Data Scan, Experimental Drug. Mine were telemetry, the opponents capture.

O-12 expedition force makes the first move, as I planned to do so, and Russians dug in and fully prepare for the coming shock.

O-12 Deployment, they haven't placed sirius team on the table yet.
Tartary deployment zone, after sirius team was put on the table, Voronin was deployed as their LT.

O-12 force performs advance. Hippolyta discovers and neutralizes one K-9 antipode, while sirius team deals with its handler strelok at the cost of sirius bot.

meanwhile, sirius team attempts data scan against unconscious strelok.

Kazaks were unsatisfied, as they had some loss.

Veteran Kazak w/ HMG swats Hippolyta, but fails to kill her, just to make a single damage.

Kazak fireteam proceeds to fallen strelok to heal him. sirius tries to delay them with no avail.

Veteran kazak paramedic shoots medikits on wounded K-9 as it would be easier to wake up K-9 than strelok, but fails. however strelok survives the medikit roll.

Strelok makes suicidal charge to Hippolyta, slaying her with chaincolt. in this time, paramedic was not able to patch him up, really killing him.

Fireteam retreats for secure position, waiting for enemy counterattack.

Gangbuster makes a valiant attack, it moves in and gunned down Carmen Jones and one veteran kazak.

And gangbuster makes sure that Carmen can't be brought back from unconscious state by killing her.

Veteran kazak clears telemetry classified with fallen gangbuster. and strelok advances forward to make a coup de grace against lying enemy. he butchers a gangbuster and a sirius bot, but got smashed by Gamma's feuerbach ARO.

As a last resort, delta doc with boarding shotgun drops into the deployment zone, just to lose gunfight against 5 men linked Voronin's dreadful T2 boarding shotgun.

remaining kazaks gangs up and finishes in extremis recovery with delta doc and the game concedes without any events notable.

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