Asteroid Blues


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Another confrontation against vicious Dahshat company, had a tough fight over quadrant control before.

Its Highly classified again, with common classified being: Predator, Telemetry, Sabotage, Capture. Tartary’s classified was In Extremis Recovery, which is one of the easiest extreme classified. and Dahshat’s Designation.

As always tartary’s handed over round initiative to dahshat

classified selected
Tartary area of deployment
Mcmurrough waiting for game to start.

Fat Yuanyuan quickly jumps into the ground and accomplishes one of two sabotage target, and Mcmurrough rushes toward strelok which lose its camouflaged status by rapiq's sensing to pursue predator classified.

Mcmurrough handily dispatches strelok #1, but inflected some damages by strelok#1 and #2 and falls unconscious.

Hidden deployed Saito Togan appears near strelok #2 and take down #2 with combi rifle. after that Togan makes CC attack against fallen strelok.

Veteran Kazaks moves against Togan and kills him on the spot with T2 rifle. subsequently veteran kazaks aim for the brawler-ABH link, surprisingly, ABH managed to hold against deadly veteran kazak's firepower for 4 order and saves his ass. severely disrupting kazak masterplan.

Irmandinho runs forward to perform sabotage and slay fat yuanyuan, instead, irmandinho himself was killed, awarding dahshat predator classified.

Dahshat sniffer remote throws sniffer, but got hit at strelok's boarding shotgut.

Anyway, sensor skill can be done against remaining strelok and his K-9, libertos takes down strelok #3, fat yuanyuan kills strelok #4 with incredible luck.

Voronin shoots yuanyuan, knocking him down.

And veteran kazak fireteam which lost one X-visor kazak reassembles fireteam with voronin, recovering 5 men status. they kills libertos later.

Dahshat 112 drives up and revives Mcmurrough, killing Angus on the way. they finishes sabotage with Zhencha's D-charge.

Mcmurrough sneaks behind Kazak fireteam, dispatching two including Voronin LT. only 3 kazaks are remaining with 2 classified behind.

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