Asteroid Blues


Battle in the Biodome (Narrative 14)

VS Ariadna

OOC: This was an out of the ordinary game. The shop sponsored streamer has just recently fallen head over heels for infinity, and he's been getting Infinity streams out. I got invited to bring my Ramah out for a stream, so of course I took the opportunity. He's been playing TAK and created a TAK themed board that has turned into an absolute nightmare to play on. Absolutely beautiful being the fire lanes are all over, and sometimes in mid air. I had actually never played against TAK, and have only a few games of experience with Ariadna from a couple years ago. Mission was Frontline, and I managed to win 5-3 because of an error on my part in placing my nahab, that error won me the game. It was also extremely bloody with 113 points vs 77 remaining. So without further ado, here is the narrative portion to accompany the video batrep.

This table was definitely a work in progress, and needs long range weapons. I usually rely on my spitfires and smoke, but it was not safe to poke out for smoke at all due to the long range dominating positions of the two castles.
Deployment pictures a bit weird. I couldn't get a side picture due to light poles and camera equipment.
Unit 29 Strike Force, Razia Detachment of Ramah Taskforce. The standard list.

Maih Aafah’s brother, Fayaz Aafah, the Captain of the Haqqislam Infowar Light Cruiser, adh-Dhi’b walked into the bar with the usual swagger that was so famous on captains. His long, turn of the 20th century naval Ottomans coat, with its deep blue and gold trim stood as a stark contrast against the gritty background of the makeshift bar. He got a number of people staring at him. He simply kept his all knowing smirk. He was the captain of a vessel that listened into everything, and he was afforded that knowledge, and he knew it well. Walking up to the bar, he grabbed a beer and joined his sister at a table.

“Little Maih, how are you? Is the new sleeve working out?” he asked while taking a sip from the bottle.

“It is fine, I am enjoying the fresh joints, and lack of creaking and cracking. Why are you drinking that? You hate beer.”

“Appearances, dear sister.” he said while pulling out a small crystal disk.

“Is that it?” Maih asked, taking it, and slipping it into the driver, embedded in her sleeve.

The data began downloading into her wetware, and showed up in her vision. Information on several individuals within Liberty Cargo. Panoceanian businessmen. She saw profiles, transaction logs, meeting times, personnel, and addresses.

“There is nothing we cannot find. Except maybe something in the Hexahedron...that's a challenge for another day. This is but a branch office.” he said, taking another small sip.

“Branch office? Of what? The Hexahedron?” Maih asked, almost letting her voice slip to high.

“Yup.” Was the only response she was afforded.

“Thank you big brother. It looks like we have work to do. Can I trust you to black out any communications?”

“Dear, little Maih. We have been for 3 hours now.” Fayaz said with a sly grin, his long goatee giving him the look of an old Earth evil villain.

Unit 29 moved through the tunnels of the asteroid with a purpose. As they came to the outskirts of the Liberty Cargo territory, they came out into a large biodome. Tall rocks jutted out of the mossy ground, and strange trees blossomed among the open areas near massive sun lamps. Glass domes contained more delicate plants and younger trees as they grew.

“I'm only reading quantronic signatures of workers.” Leila said, scanning her computer overlay.

A bullet suddenly zipped by.

“Are the workers armed?” Aafah asked, as the unit spread out, taking cover.

Looking over the edge, Gregory responded, “I see Ariadnan markings, I think Tartary Corps.”

“Bismallah…Spread out! Take them down! I feel like this is retribution for our investigation. Turner, pop smoke.” Aafah ordered.

“Naeim, sayudti.” Gregory responded, and dropped smoke grenades on them and Toma’s squad.

Repositioning within the smoke, Fahim took lead of the Khawarij, his Spitfire at the ready as they moved up to one of the biodomes and leapt on top. Landing, he moved along the edge until he had a Frontovik in his sight. Unfortunately, the Ariadnan saw him first, a rocket exploded upon the steel wall, forcing Fahim to duck back. Ein-213 thought he saw an opening, and trangulating the Frontoviks position, the remote let loose a burst of fire, but received a rocket in return, ruining the remote.

A Strelok crept along a large steel wall across from Aafahs team, catching one of the Fanous remotes by surprise, it's T2 ammunition tearing it apart. Sneaking along to another position, the Shihab was the next target to be taken down, the scouts marksmanship keen. Trying further, the Ariadnan poked out to try and catch Gregory, but the grenadier was ready, firing smoke directly into the ground and obscuring himself.

Another Strelok appeared suddenly above Qadim, but the Khawarij was faster, his rocket flew straight for the scout, but exploded against a steel crate being used for cover. A Fanous though flash pulsed and blinded the eyes of the Strelok. Forcing him back. Distortions on the left flank began moving up like a blur as smoke began billowing. From a small rocky outcrop, a Spetznaz appeared, and put a burst of shots into Qadim, catching him unawares, and putting the Khawarij down, before the elite trooper set his weapon up into an overwatch position, suppressing his area.

Leila heard the antipodes on the other side of her wall. Looking around the corner though, she saw the Strelok out in the open. Snapping her rifle up, she put several precise shots into the Ariadnan, putting him down, and then drawing her pistol, preparing for the animals.

“Tilki, I don't have a good angle on that Spetsnaz, can you take him?” Fahims voice came over the comm-link.

“I got him in my sights, sending.” Tilkis calm voice came back.


The shots reverberated around the chamber from the high caliber sniper rifle. The Spetsnaz teseum armor held up though, and he fell back behind cover.

“Be advised, the trooper is not dead but he's fallen back.” Tilki reported.

“Shukra. Fahim, let’s move. Take out the Strelok.” Toma responded.

Nodding, Fahim leapt up slightly above the steel wall and put several shots into the scout, knocking him out. The Khawarij then leapt down from their perch and moved along the glass dome until Fahim could see the Kazak sniper. A quick accurate burst put him down. Quickly running along a stack of stalagmites, the Frontovik saw him through an area of rocks, and the rocket took Fahim completely by surprise, the explosion knocking him out. Khadim quickly applied some adrenaline and pain killers. Groaning, Fahim grabbed the Spitfire, and poked from the rocks again, this time putting a small accurate burst right into the Frontoviks chest.

“Withdraw, they are beginning to push again.” Toma ordered as he took up a defensive position, Khadim taking cover behind him.

On their left flank, the dogwarrior rushed forward, throwing smoke, and obscuring vision. Continuing forward, he threw more smoke over the wall Leila hid behind. Smoke billowing all around her, she coughed violently. Shapes moved in the smoke, as the large form of the dogwarrior landed next to her with a thud. Snapping around, her pistol resounded once, taking out an antipode as they came down on her.

The dogwarrior continued moving along the smoke, and tossing more smoke grenades. The whole area began billowing with smoke as Gregory watch the area, laying on the steel deck, his rifle up. Aafah turned towards it, racking her shotgun, Tifah below preparing her flame thrower. Tilki draw her pistol.

Suddenly two antipodes burst from the smoke onto Gregory, landing heavily on the man and knocking him out. Shotguns exploded, as fire and metal burst over the alien canines. Tilki suddenly saw movement of a Kazak climbing a ladder onto the platform across from them. Dropping her pistol she took a quick shot at him, hitting him squarely in the chest, his body dropping. Below, the Spetsnaz took the opportunity to pop out, and put a shot into Toma, the NCO falling back behind cover, bleeding from his arm.

Khadim, again worked to get one of his brothers back into fighting shape. Toma gave his thanks as he regrouped the small squad.

“Fahim, take out that Spetsnaz.” He yelled to the heavy gunner.

Rolling to the edge of cover, Fahim put shots directly into the chest of the Ariadnan. His teseum armor was unable to stop all the rounds as one found purchase, knocking him to the ground. That was when the khawarij saw the brief glimpse of Veronin watching through the thick glass of the biodome.

“I see the enemy leader. I am taking him.” Fahim yelled.

Not even waiting for acknowledgement, he began sprinting across the rocky ground. A tank hunter caught sight of him, and Fahim put shots down range at him, just trying to keep the man's head down. Getting to the edge of the biodome, Fahim leapt. Veronin only had time to look up with surprise as the Spitfire erupted onto him. The Cosak leader collapsing.

“Ack! Lads! Sorry I am late! These caves are hell-oh this is not good…” Pixies voice came over the Comm-link.

“Pixie you fool, get down over here!” Khadim yelled to her from an area of open space.

No sooner had he spoken than he glimpsed the Tankhunter in the distance. Cursing the khawarijs reflexes kicked in and he dodged back, teseum rounds zipping through the air. Across the cave, Fahim saw the Dogwarrior moving, putting rounds into the creature, he only angered it further as he watched the gruesome transformation take over the man. The beast tearing its clothes away as it howled, leaping onto the platform that Aafah and her squad occupied. The Khawarij continued putting shots into it as Aafah, Tilki, and Zyah tried dodging the stream of chain rifle shots. Zyah dodged back time and again, her reflexes keeping her safe. Tilki was less fortunate, and Aafah took several shards to the leg and arm.

Finally Fahims shots put the raging beast down. With the beast felled, the Ariadnan forces tried to gain what ground they could, but the forces of Unit 29 had enough left to push them off.

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